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General Information About Wyoming Public Records and Laws
In Wyoming, public records are available for any individual who needs to have access to this data. There is no limit to who can have access to this information (unless the information will be used to harass or endanger others.) The Wyoming Open Records Act, Title 16, Article 2 provides the right of the general public to have access to data that is from the government or a government agency. Some information from nonprofit organizations and other public institutions or those who receive tax dollars may also be considered public.
What Are Public Records Here?
In Wyoming, public records include any document, written or otherwise, that the government has, created, obtained or otherwise is in possession of. This data may include a large amount of data, including, but not limited to the following.
·        Data from birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses. Divorce information is also contained in vital records.
·        Data about the sale or transfer of real estate, though appraisal information may not be listed. Tax data, liens and mortgages on the property are available.
·        Data regarding the actions, policies, changes, meeting minutes and most other government actions is available as a public record. However, any information considered to be sensitive or that could harm the public in general, is not made available.
·        Information regarding business operations, for those that obtain tax breaks, may be available, though trade secrets are not.
·        Data in regards to court cases is available, except for those cases where the data is sealed specifically, such as in juvenile records, sexual victim cases and other sensitive situations where a judge rules for the sealing of the record.
·        Data regarding the use of public land is available.
There are laws at the federal level that do limit the amount of information individuals can have. For example, there are laws at the federal level that do not allow for medical records or student records to be made available to just anyone. There are also laws regarding the privacy of an individual that must be maintained aside from public records.
Obtaining a Copy of Public Records
For individuals who wish to obtain a copy of the Wyoming public records, they will need to seek out the specific agency that is in charge of this information. In addition to this, they must make a request in writing in advance for any information that is not readily available. In addition to this, some third parties may offer access to information that is available online.
Some of the agencies most frequently sought after include the following.
·        For public records including vital statistics, contact the Wyoming Department of Health, Vital Records Services.
·        For information regarding businesses in the state, contact the Attorney General's Office.
·        For criminal records, contact the Division of Criminal Investigation, the Criminal Record Unit.
·        For driver's license records, to the extent allowable, contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation, Drivers Services.
The Wyoming public records available are only authentic when obtained and certified by the agency.
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