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General Information About UtahPublic Records and Laws
Utah public records provide individuals with access to important information. The Utah Government Records Access and Management Act went into place to give individuals the ability to find information regarding its government easily. It is found in Title 63 G, Chapter 2 of the Utah Code. This information is provided in order to provide full disclosure to the government's actions at all levels of it. However, there are specific limitations and restrictions in place to protect some information.
What Is Defined as Public Records?
In Utah, public records receive a specific outline. These are records that are stated as being public, controlled, protected documents within the state. Some documents are not available to the public. Other types are. A document is anything of information that is in possession of the state, county or local government or any of its associated organizations. It could be in the form of a written document, text, audio, photographs, electronic data or other forms. It could be in the possession of the government for virtually any reason, including the copying of information.
Some information remains protected under Utah public records laws. This is information that is considered too selective or sensitive to provide ready access to. Some of the items that are exempt include the following.
·         Medical information for individuals
·         Student information for individuals (though data across the board may be available)
·         Data regarding public safety or security information that could endanger others if presented
·         Information that could hinder an ongoing investigation
·         Government records for personnel including identifying information for undercover agents
In some cases, individuals can request information to be kept private. A judge can rule that some information is to remain private as well, such as in the case of a minor in court. Other information, including vital statistics, property records, government laws and policies and other data remain readily available.
Obtaining Public Records
In Utah, public records are not hard to obtain. Some forms do require a written request and these make take longer than a day to obtain. Most data, though, is available to the public on a regular basis. It is managed and charged to the institution that is in possession of it, though the code of the state does outline who will manage this information.
To access information, a person needs to visit the associated and appropriate department and request the information. It is possible to find some information online but most of the state's records are not online as of yet. Some third party organizations also provide this information. The list below provides information about some of the most sought after agencies.
·         For accident reports, contact the Driver's License Division.
·         For the Attorney General, contact its office in the Utah State Capitol Complex.
·         For business related documents and nonprofits, contact the Commerce Department directly.
·         For vital records, contact the Department of Health, Office of Vital Records and Statistics.
Some local government agencies also take charge over information. Utah public records provide information necessary to individuals and remain available.
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