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General Information About New Hampshire Public Records and Laws
In New Hampshire, public records provide protection to individuals and businesses who need information from the government or from other citizens. The New Hampshire Right to Know Law, Title VI, Chapter 91-A gives the right to access information considered to be accessible to the general public. This includes most types of government records and some information regarding the citizens of the state.
What Is a Public Record Here?
The law outlines what New Hampshire public records are. These include any type of documents, recording, photograph or other media, in written form or not, to be made accessible to individuals who request it. The law defines a governmental record as anything created, accepted or obtained on behalf or by the public agency, as well as any organization or group working with the agency. There is not a specific list of all records available, however, there are some exclusions to what is available for the general public to view.
The following are some of the exempted information and documents not considered available to the general public.
·         Any and all parole and pardon records
·         Trade secrets from schools or businesses
·         Emergency planning and response information and strategy records
·         Any materials that do not have an official purpose for the governmental agency
·         Any personal school records
·         Any record that contains information considered confidential, including employment information, taxation, licensing, medical information, school records and welfare.
·         Any information deemed protected under a federal law
In addition to this, a judge can rule any case in a court of law to be sealed, in order to protected minors or the innocent. To access any of this off limit information, an individual must appeal to the court.
Obtaining Public Records
In the state of New Hampshire, public records are available upon request. Individuals who wish to obtain the information must seek out a written request. However, some information is available immediately through an online search or through a third party's information and resources. In some situations, individuals will need to pay a fee to access, view or copy the public records information, which is to cover administrative costs associated with gathering or providing the records.
The following are some of the agencies most commonly sought after in the state for public records data. This is not an exhaustive list.
·         For business related data, including nonprofit organization information or concerns, contact the Attorney General's Office in Concord.
·         For vital statistics, including birth certificates, death certificates, burial records, marriage licenses and divorce decrees, contact the Department of State, Bureau of Vital Records.
·         For those criminal records considered public record, contact the State Police Headquarters, Criminal Records in the James H. Hayes Building.
·         The state's sexual offenders registry is managed by the State Police Headquarters, Special Investigations Unit.
·         Statewide court records are available through the Administrative Office of Courts, Supreme Court Building, or through local court offices.
New Hampshire public records provide information necessary. This information remains readily available without cause to the public.
New Hampshire Public Records
  • Corporation, LP, LLP, LLC, Trademarks/Servicemarks, Trade Names

    Corporation Division
    107 N Main St
    Concord, NH 03301-4989
    p (603) 271-3246
    f (603) 271-3247
  • Driver Records

    Driving Records
    23 Hazen Dr
    Concord, NH 033053305
    p (603) 271-2322
    f (603) 271-1555
  • GED Certificates

    GED Testing
    21 S Fruit Street #20
    Concord, NH 033013301
    p (603) 271-6699
    f (603) 271-3454
  • Governor

    State House
    25 Capital St
    Concord, NH 033013301
    p (603) 271-2121
    f (603) 271-7680
  • Uniform Commercial Code, Federal & State Tax Liens

    Secretary of State
    107 N Main St
    Concord, NH 03301-4989
    p (603) 271-3276
  • Vehicle Registration

    Bureau of Titles
    23 Hazen Dr
    Concord, NH 033053305
    p (603) 271-3111
    f (603) 271-0369
  • Vessel Registration

    Bureau of Registration, Boat Desk
    23 Hazen Dr
    Concord, NH 033053305
    p (603) 271-3333
    f (603) 271-1061
  • Voter Registration

    Election Division
    107 N. Main Street - State House Rm 204
    Concord, NH 033013301
    p (603) 271-3242
    f (603) 271-6316
  • Workers' Compensation Records

    Workers Compensation Division
    95 Pleasant St
    Concord, NH 033013301
    p (603) 271-3174
    f (603) 271-6149

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