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General Information About Nevada Public Records and Laws
In Nevada, public records remain available to the general public for use. However, there are some limitations as to what this may include and what it may exclude specifically. In short, the Nevada Open Records Act, NRS Chapter 239 provides for specific rights of the public to have access to the government's actions and activities even those that happen behind closed doors. In addition to this, there is a level of concern and need to know about the actions of other people in the community when their actions or inactions can affect the larger group or the public as a whole. This law allows individuals to have better access to information that can affect them.
Public Records in Nevada
The state provides a specific description of what is considered a public record. It is anything that is obtained, created, given or otherwise in the possession of a government agency or organization that could be related to the public in some way. Aside from exclusions for sensitive information, most types of Nevada public records remain available to those who request the information. The law requires that all public agencies be able to provide this information at the request of a person or a business, to reasonable requirements.
There are exclusions to this law. Some of those include the following.
·         Any information that can stop or otherwise limit the function of the government, or endanger the public as a whole, is excluded from a public record.
·         Any data or information that is related to the medical history or the history of a student or prospective student is also excluded.
·         Data regarding the addresses and phone numbers of public officers, including law enforcement professionals, is not available to the public.
·         Any information considered to be protected under privacy laws the federal government has remains exempt from public records.
·         Individuals cannot obtain information regarding an ongoing investigation.
The goal of the Nevada public records is to ensure the public is educated about the actions of government and others. Information such as vital statistics like birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, and burial information is readily available. Information regarding property ownership and location, taxation, court records and government laws and policies is available to the public.
How to Obtain Public Records in Nevada
In order to obtain Nevada public records, individuals must submit a request in writing for any data that is not readily available. For data that is available, individuals need to contact the governing agency and make a request, use an online search or tap into a third party agency to gather this information. The following are some of the most commonly sought after agencies for public records in the state.
·         For vital statistics information, contact the Nevada Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics.
·         For criminal records, contact the DPS- Records and Technology Division.
·         For state court records, contact the Supreme Court of Nevada, Administrative Office of the Courts or local courts who have jurisdiction.
Individuals can gather this information on a readily available basis in most cases.
Nevada Public Records
  • Corporation, LP, LLC

    202 N Carson City
    Carson City, NV 89701-4707
    p (775) 684-5708
    f (775) 684-5724
  • Driver Records

    Records Section
    555 Wright Way
    Carson City, NV 89711-0250
    p (775) 684-4590
    f (775) 684-4899
  • GED Transcripts

    State GED Administrator
    755 N Roop St, #201
    Carson City, NV 89701
    p (775) 687-7294
    f (775) 687-8636
  • Governor

    Capitol Building
    Carson City, NV 89701
    p (775) 684-5670
    f (775) 684-5683
  • Trademarks/Servicemarks

    Corporate Expedite Office
    555 E. Washington Ave, #4000
    Carson City, NV 89101
    p (702) 486-2880
    f (702) 486-2888
  • Uniform Commercial Code, Federal & State Tax Liens

    Secretary of State
    200 N Carson St
    Carson City, NV 89701-4069
    p (775) 684-7100
    f (775) 684-5630
  • Vehicle Ownership & Registration

    Motor Vehicle Record Section
    555 Wright Way
    Carson City, NV 89711-0250
    p (775) 684-4590
    f (775) 684-4740
  • Vessel Ownership & Registration

    Boat Registration
    4600 Kietzke Ln, D-135
    Reno, NV 89502
    p (775) 688-1983
    f (775) 688-1509
  • Voter Registration

    Elections Division
    101 N Carson Street #3
    Carson City, NV 89701
    p (775) 684-5705
    f (775) 684-5718
  • Workers' Compensation Records

    Workers' Compensation Section
    400 West King Street, Suite 400
    Carson City, NV 89703
    p (775) 684-7260
    f (775) 687-6305

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