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General Information About Nebraska Public Records and Laws
The Nebraska public records available to individuals and businesses come directly from the Nebraska Public Records Statutes, Statute 84-712 through 84-712.9. These laws allow for the use and obtaining of these records through legal means. The information provided, including what a public record in the state is, how it is obtained and who can access it, all fall under this law. Individuals can obtain this information for many reasons – the agency is not likely to ask why this information is requested.
State's Public Records
To obtain a copy of any type of public record, individuals must first know what the state consider to be this type of record. In short, it is any type of record held by a governing body within the state, this includes all types of written and non-written records, such as documents, photos and electronic information. The information provided under these laws outlines what individuals may considered to be public record. However, there is no exhaustive list of what information is available or could be obtained. Rather, there is a list of items that are off limits, which are called exemptions.
The exemptions to the Nebraska public records availability include the following specific items.
·         Any personal information of students is excluded from public record, including that of prospective students.
·         All medical records remain off limits in terms of a patient's private information. However, birth certificates and death certificates are available.
·         Any type of personal information of state employees is not available.
·         Attorney records are not open for public record requests, from either the defense or the prosecutor's side.
·         All account information from public utilities is off limits.
·         You cannot obtain public information relating to law enforcement investigations.
·         Appraisal data from potential sales and the purchase of public land is not available.
The Nebraska State Records Board manages the availability of such information. Individuals who would like to obtain this information must do so from a court of law. In addition, government officials or judges can rule that some information is unavailable outside of this list, including juvenile records in a court of law.
Obtaining Nebraska Public Records
In order to obtain the public records in this state, individuals must first contact the appropriate agency in writing, depending on the type of information. In some cases, the process can take several days. In other cases, information may be available online, through searchable data. It can also be available through third party sources. The following are some of the government agencies that hold specific types of data.
·         The Health and Human Services System, Vital Statistics Section manages the vital statistics records for the state.
·         Business and organization data is available from the Attorney General's Office in Lincoln or through the Secretary of State, Corporation Division.
·         Criminal records are available through the Nebraska State Patrol.
·         Court records at the state level are available through the Court Administrator in Lincoln whereas local courts may contain local information.
Nebraska public records are readily available for individuals who need this information.
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