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General Information About Maryland Public Records and Laws
In Maryland, public records are available for the public to access. These records include data that individuals as well as businesses may need from time to time. The state's Maryland Public Information Act governs this particular law. It gives the right to individuals to access a wide range of documents without limitation to why the information is required.
What Is a Public Record?
In the state, a public record is any type of material or media the state created, holds or owns for some other reason, including photos, recordings and videos, as well as written materials. Some information remains protected, though. The laws state that the following information is considered off limits to the general public due to being exempt.
·         Adoption records
·         Welfare records
·         Motor vehicle records
·         Student files and records
·         Library documentation
·         Personnel documentation, files and records
·         Police reports, for the purpose of marketing
·         Hospital and other medical records
In some cases, information is limited in terms of specific information. For example, trade secrets, home addresses and phone numbers of public employees, records of individual person's finances, records containing investigatory procurement information, and security related information, remains protected.
There is also a level of discretionary exemption in place. In this case, a public official or a judge may rule that the information is to be remained sealed for reasons that may or may not be provided. For example, data from research projects from a state institution, testing data for academic or employment related exams and inventions owned by a higher education facility are protected.
In a court of law, a judge can rule that some information can be sensitive if it violates the privacy of an individual or victim, or if the information is about a juvenile. Information that would hinder an ongoing investigation or would expose data that could become dangerous for the public may also be off limits.
Maryland public records, other than for those limited, do remain available to the public. This includes most data related to government policies and laws, meeting minutes and ordinances. It also includes most vital statistics, property records and most information from nonprofit, tax-dollar funded organizations.
Obtaining Maryland Public Records
To obtain Maryland public records, individuals will need to contact the appropriate department or organization and request the data. In most situations, this data will be readily available. However, if research is necessary, it may take more time. The state laws do require that public offices provide information as soon as possible. The following agencies do govern most types of available records.
·         For vital statistic records, the Department of Health, Division of Vital Records manages these requests.
·         The Attorney General's Office governs most records from businesses, organizations, schools and other entities within the state.
·         Criminal record searches, where applicable, are managed through the Criminal Justice Information System Public Safety and Correctional Records Division.
Gathering this type of information is a right of the general public in the state. However, there may be small fees to cover administrative costs.
Maryland Public Records
  • Maryland Office of the Attorney General

    200 St. Paul Place
    Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Corporation, LP, LLP, LLC, Fictitious Name, Trade Name

    Charter Corporation Division
    301 W Preston St, Room 801
    Baltimore, MD 21201
    p (410) 767-1340
    f (410) 333-7097
  • GED Certificates

    GED Office
    200 W Baltimore St
    Baltimore, MD 21201
    p (410) 767-0538
    f (410) 333-8435
  • Governor

    State House, 100 State Circle
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    p (410) 974-3901
    f (410) 974-3275
  • MVA

    6601 Ritchie Hwy, NE
    Glen Burnie, MD 21062
    Baltimore, MD 21062
    p (410) 787-7758
    f (410) 424-3678
  • Sales Tax Registrations

    Revenue Administration Division
    301 W Preston St #206
    Annapolis, MD 21201
    p (410) 767-1313
    f (410) 767-1571
  • Trademarks/Servicemarks

    Trademarks Division
    State House
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    p (410) 974-5521 x3859
    f (410) 974-5527
  • Uniform Commercial Code

    Department of Assessments & Taxation
    301 West Preston St
    Annapolis, MD 21201
    p (410) 767-1340
    f (410) 333-7097
  • Vehicle Ownership & Registration

    Vehicle Registration Division
    Room 204, 6601 Ritchie Hwy, NE
    Annapolis, MD 21062
    p (410) 768-7508
    f (410) 768-7529
  • Vessel Ownership & Registration

    Licensing & Registration Service
    580 Taylor Ave C-1
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    p (410) 260-3220
    f (410) 260-3239
  • Voter Registration

    PO Box 6486
    Annapolis, MD 21401-0486
    p (410) 269-2840
    f (410) 974-2019
  • Workers' Compensation Records

    10 E Baltimore St
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    p (410) 864-5100
    f (410) 864-5301
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