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General Information About Louisiana Public Records and Laws
Louisiana public records are available to those who request them. In the state, the agencies that collect and record information must keep these documents available to the public when someone or a business requests this information. The Louisiana Public Records Law, Title 44 provides for the requirements the state has in place for managing this type of sensitive data.
The state's laws state that all records that are books, photographs, papers, recordings, accounts or maps, or other forms, are to be made available upon request if this information comes from a business, nonprofit organization, government office or other group funding in part or in whole by the tax dollars of the citizens of the city. The public records may be protected in some situations.
Some information may be exempt from being disclosed to the public. Those include the following.
·         Any information that would hinder or obstruct an ongoing investigation
·         Any personal information that would be considered an invasion of privacy laws
·         Any information that could be considered unsafe to provide
·         Information related to medical needs
·         Student records as protected under federal laws
·         All documents and materials protected upon the instruction of a judge in a court of law due to the sensitive nature of the information.
Individuals who wish to view any type of Louisiana public records will need to seek out the appropriate department to gather that information from and then make a formal request. The laws state that the department must be readily accessible during normal business hours and make every attempt possible to local information as requested. This must be done in a timely manner. In some cases, there may be a fee paid to cover the administrative costs of accessing the documents or other records.
Gathering Public Records
Individuals who wish to gather Louisiana public records can do so in several ways. The state does have many of its public records available through a website. It is possible to search this information, in some cases. In other cases, it is necessary to visit the department's office first hand. In addition, some third party organizations may also offer resources to finding this information.
The following are some of the local department’s individuals or businesses can contact to gather information. Not all documents will be available in this form, though.
·         For accident reports or other vehicle related activities, contact the Louisiana State Police.
·         For vital statistics, including birth and death certificates, burial records and marriage licensing, contact the Vital Records Registry in the county.
·         For business and nonprofit public records, contact the Attorney General's Office, the LA Department of Justice or the Commercial Division.
·         For incarceration records, when available, contact the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.
·         The state police manage the Sexual Offender Registry.
·         Court records are available through the local or state Judicial Administrator.
Louisiana public records are readily available in some cases. In other cases, the process of obtaining them may be difficult and may take time.
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