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General Information About Delaware Public Records and Laws
In Delaware, public records are available in most types of actions. The Delaware Freedom of Information Act is a set of laws that provides for this type of right. The law states that a public record is any type of information produced, composed, owned, made or received in any form by a public body that relates to public business, or to public interest. It can also relate to public purposes. The physical form of the data may be stored, recorded in some way or reproduced. There are a number of rights individuals have as it pertains to these laws. In short, public records are meant to be made available to individuals when they request them, or within a reasonable amount of time.
Exemptions to the Delaware Public Records Laws
In Delaware, public records laws do place limitations on what can and cannot be accessed. In some cases, individuals must show that they have the right to obtain this information. There are exemptions for the following reasons.
·         There is no public access to medical, personal or pupil files and records
·         Any type of trade secret or commercial information is not available, financial information remains protected from public view
·         The state allows for only limited access to criminal files and criminal records.
·         The state also limits access to intelligence files
·         Pending or potential litigation is not a matter of public record.
·         Labor negotiations are not a part of this information.
While there are numerous other exemptions to the Delaware public records laws, individuals should keep in mind that most common forms of requested data is available for viewing and accessing through the public record.
·         Vital statistics information including birth and death certificates, burial details and marriage statistics is available.
·         Criminal and civil court records
·         Government information that is not protected otherwise
·         Property records
Additional information and public records information is still available under the Delaware Public Records Law, 29 Del. Code Chapter 5.
Gathering Data
To obtain Delaware public records information, individuals can use online search features. In addition to this, there are numerous third parties that also provide this information. Some departments provide more of the public records online than others do. The following are some of the agencies individuals can turn to in order to get this information.
·         The Attorney General's Office provides archives and other data for public organizations and businesses in operation in the state.
·         The Secretary of State Corporations Records provides data on businesses.
·         The Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics provides data regarding vital statistics including birth and death certificates.
·         Available criminal records information is managed through the Delaware State Police State Bureau of Identification.
In Delaware, public records information remains readily accessible to individuals. Besides the exemptions the laws state, individuals will have access to the necessary data. In many cases, public records information like this can provide an outstanding resource for confirming or gathering information for a business or individual.
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