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General Information About Arizona Public Records and Laws
In Arizona, public records are available to any individual who wishes to access them. The state records a sizable amount of public data to be used as necessary. In a state with more than 6.1 million people, it becomes essential to have a systematic, easy way to access data. That is available in many ways. The state has 180 courts throughout the judicial system. Of those courts, about 152 have online case search services available. This type of search service allows for individuals seeking data about individuals in the state, or other data, to simply perform a search through its public records databases.
Who Can Access
Under the laws of Arizona, public records are available to anyone who has just cause to search them. In other words, it is strongly discouraged that people who do not have an active benefit or reason for searching public records to do so. However, due to laws in the state, any data in the public domain is accessible to most people. This includes information from the local, county and the state courts of the state of Arizona. Public records in the state include the following information.
·         All criminal record data, which includes sex offender inmate registration
·         Criminal backgrounds and records
·         Civil court records (when one party takes another to court)
·         Circuit court records
·         Vital records data which includes information such as birth and death certifications, marriage records and other data of the same sort
·         Property records including tax assessments, mortgage data, maps and acreage, as well as deeds to property
According to the laws of the state of Arizona, public records data is free to access. However, there may be administrative fees charged to those wishing to obtain some of this information. These administrative fees are paid to cover the costs of staffing offices and producing printed documents. Online searches may or may require a fee.
It is also possible that individuals will need to get permission to view data regarding these records. For cases such as juvenile law or those involving sensitive information, the Arizona judge has the right and ability to lock the case. In order to see information within a locked case, the individual requesting the data must petition the court for access of this information. Doing so does not guarantee that the petitioner will actually gain access to that information, though. The decision to release information is made by a judge.
Requesting Arizona Public Records
There are numerous ways to access data from the Arizona public records. It is possible to find a great deal of this information online. However, individuals or businesses may also request this data from the sources. Individuals can conduct real estate document searches, verification searches for professional licenses and conduct business related searches online. Some agencies for which data is available include the following.
·         The Arizona Public Safety Department
·         State Employee Searches
·         Arizona Inmate Information
·         State Financial Institution Searches
·         Directory of Arizona Agencies
·         Arizona Tax Information
Gathering accurate information is critical. Arizona public record searches provide this information.
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