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General Information About Utah Marriage Records and Laws
When it comes to Utah marriage records, you will find there are a number of different things you will want to know and learn. You will be able to use this resource to provide you with a vast amount of information and windows to help you to get to know more about your lineage.

Using this document can provide you with a number of different ways to learn more about yourself and the history from which you come from. These records offer much more information than a simple name and address here you will be able to find out a variety of things you may be able to use. Here are some of the things you may want to look at and see if they are on the form:
·         Maiden or previous names. These will help to track down where one or more of the members of the marriage came from. You will have a better chance at getting more information.
·         You will be able to find the location of the ceremony in some cases, then you will know the type of ceremony as well as when it occurred.
·         The person who performed or authorized the ceremony may be on the form. Depending on how long ago it was they may be able to provide insight and tell you something as well.
·         The people who served as witnesses may be listed as well. They may be people you can contact or they may be relatives. Wither way they may be a new lead for the history you are looking for.
In order to be able to obtain Utah marriage records you will need to make sure you are doing what you can to find them. That means you will need to know what avenues to take and what information you will need to get the forms.
In many cases, having a name and a date will help in the search. At the minimum, you will need a name to start the search. Then you will be a able to begin the search and try to track down the people you are looking for. In 1887, Utah finally required that marriages be registered civilly. However, before then it was a matter of church record and you will need to find where it occurred to get a better understanding and recording of that history. In order to obtain a copy of the form if it available, you will need to contact the bureau of vital statistics in writing and request the information that you seek.
Regardless, you will not be able to make a decision one way or another if you do not try to find the best option. You will need to track down as much information as you can on your own and try to locate Utah wedding records in any way you can to track down your genealogy. However, once you have one, you can get started and then begin to look for the history of your family and trace back where you come from.
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