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General Information About Nevada Marriage Records and Laws
Nevada marriage records may be readily available to those who need them. These records may provide a range of details that can help in the creation of a family tree or help you to access personal property records. For those who are just married, or married within the last few years, it is easy to obtain a copy of your own marriage certificate. To do so, simply provide this information to the local county offices. You should receive this information within a few weeks. In addition to this, you will find that these records are available to the public after a certain amount of time. There are other opportunities for obtaining these records as well.
For those who are looking for Nevada marriage records to create a family tree for genealogy benefits, or for other reasons, it pays to know where to look to find this information. The most comprehensive list of information is available to you through the statewide search for recent information, though older information is more readily available at the local level. The state of Nevada began requiring the registration of vital records at a state level in 1911. Prior to that time, most records were kept only at the county level. The state does have some records for marriages beyond this point, but the list is incomplete.
Rather, for those who need information for marriages occurring prior to 1911, the best location to obtain that information is through the local county recorder's office. This information is usually available at the county level from a visit to the location. You may also be able to contact the location and request this information first hand. However, some online searches may be available as well. The more information you have for local searches, such as were the marriage occurred or the approximate time when it occurred, the better.
For those who are looking for any birth or death records from 1911 onwards, the best place to look is the State Department of Health. This organization began collecting marriage records at this time too, but it did not require marriage reporting until 1969. For Nevada marriage records from this time until the present, contact the following locations:
State of Nevada Health Division
Bureau of Health Planning and Statistics Office
505 East King St. Room 102
Carson City, Nevada 89701
You can also call the location at 775-685-4242 for some help in locating older records. For any Nevada marriage record searches from 1969 and earlier, where the Department of Health search does not provide help, it is best to turn to county records. Local churches and other religious organizations that conduct these events also provide for records in many situations. However, it can be difficult to obtain these records for very old marriages.
Using Nevada marriage records for history searches to build family trees or for verification of a person's address can be a challenge. However, there are numerous ways you can gather this information. The more information you have to start your search, the more likely it is you will find the information you need.
Nevada Marriage Records
  • Alan Glover

    Alan Glover Clerk-Recorders Office Public Safety Complex
    885 East Musser 
    Carson City, NV 89701
    p (775) 887-2260
  • Douglas County Recorder

    PO BOX 218
    Minden, NV 89423
    p (775) 782-9025
  • Jerry Reynolds

    Jerry Reynolds Elko County Recorder
    571 Idaho Street
    Room 103
    Elko, NV 89801
    p (775) 738-6526
  • Lyon County Recorder's Office

    27 South Main Street
    Yerington, NV 89447
    p (775) 463-6581

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