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General Information About Maryland Marriage Records and Laws
Maryland marriage records are often available for those who are seeking them for dates well back into the 18th century. However, the state has various ways of collecting this information and prior to the forming of the actual state, the documents for such records remained difficult to obtain. Individuals, who are seeking this information for family record searches, property questions or for other reasons, should know where to look to find such information. By having as much information as possible, it can greatly increase your ability to learn of the details of any marriage record.
The state had several locations for storing marriage records. For those who are in search of information on county civil marriages from 1914 through 1950 this information can be found in the Maryland Hall of Records, through the State Archived information. You can find that information at the following address:
Maryland State Archives
Hall of Records Building
350 Rowe Boulevard
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
In addition to this, it is possible to gather this information over the phone in some cases. To do so, call 800-235-4045. However, this information may not be readily available through this location.
The secondary repository for Maryland marriage records provides additional of information. For all marriages from June of 1951 through today, you can find these available through the state Division of Vital Records. You can gather some information for these through the following locations:
State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Vital Records
Metro Executive Building
4201 Patterson Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21215-0020
However, the most accurate and detailed records of marriages, as well as births and deaths is found through the local searches. Since the state's area was founded significantly before the state, some of the oldest records remain readily available as local searches. Visit local town halls or the county offices of public health to learn more about these older records. Most of this information is available to the public, though it can take some time to track down very old records from the 1800's and earlier.
In addition to this, those searching for Maryland marriage records that cannot find them in these locations, it may be possible to gather information from the churches and other religious organizations in the area that conducted the marriage itself. These documents are often some of the most detailed and the oldest available. Town searches can reveal some information about those civil unions being conducted through area courts.
The type and amount of information contained on Maryland marriage records can fluctuate significantly. In many cases, this information will contain at least the name of both people being married, the date of the event, the location of the event and the name of the official presiding over it. In some cases, the parents' names, information regarding the address of the couple and religious affiliations may also be a part of the records. Some information may only be available through a state index in which just the names of those getting married are likely to be provided with other basic information.
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