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General Information About Maine Marriage Records and Laws
Maine marriage records can provide individuals with the information they need for a variety of uses. This information can be helpful in answering questions about a family's ownership of property or for personal needs.
It can also help to extend a family tree by providing information about the family's genealogy dating back hundreds of years. However, marriage records can be hard to track down due to the extensive number of areas of the state that did not report this information until this century. However, with some help, it is possible to find many of the most important records for such searches.
Because of its location and early settlement, many Maine marriage records available date back hundreds of years. In fact, by the start of the 17th century, there were more than 200 towns that were collecting and organizing this information to be maintained on a local level. This includes most vital statistics including birth and death records as well as marriage records. However, this was done at a local level in most situations. Moreover, once the state was officially organized and founded in 1820, there was some loss of such record keeping in the area.
It wasn't until 1864 that the state legislature made it a requirement for local town clerks to gather information and then to report it to the state. This included information on the births, deaths and marriages of those living in the state's borders.
All information was to be sent to the Secretary of State. The problem was, though, that not all information was sent and many towns were never in compliance during those early years. By 1892, though, the new establishment of the State Board of Vital Statistics ensured that there was now a way to gather and organize this information effectively. At that time, it became mandatory for this information to be sent to the state for keeping.
If you are looking for Maine marriage records dating from after 1923, the best source of this information is the following location:
Maine Departments of Human Services
Office of Vital Records
State House Station 11
Augusta, Maine 04333-0011
In some situations, earlier records are available at the state level. For those that need information from prior to 1923, it is a good idea to search the archives for additional information. You can do that at the following location:
Maine State Archives
LMA Building
State House Station 84
Augusta, Maine 04333
Keep in mind that older records are often more accurately obtained from the local level. By visiting local town clerk offices where the marriage occurred, you are more likely to gather the information you are looking for including marriage, birth and death records. Most vital records like this are still maintained at the local level as well.
Maine marriage records can be a vast source of information for those who need it. With information such as family names and maiden names, places of residence and dates of marriage, you can often times gather a lot of data from these documents.
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