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General Information About Louisiana Marriage Records and Laws
Louisiana marriage records are available for many people. The state did not begin recording the records of marriage for some time, but there are many instances in which you can gather this information by conducting thorough research.

These marriage records are useful in gathering information for property record searches as well as to verify family history. You can learn the maiden names of those who became part of your family. You can also use this information to help you to establish the history of the family, the religious affiliation of the family members or even for ownership of various types of property.
In order to gather Louisiana marriage records, individuals do need to have a comprehensive amount of information about the individuals involved, if possible.

It also pays to know where to look. Since 1990, the state requirements allow for the state's archives to hold all information on the births of those in the state for the previous 100 years.
For death and marriage records, these are kept in the archives for those over 50 years old. In some cases, individuals can search these archives to gather information they need. However, most information is kept at the parish level and it is there that individuals will find the most comprehensive list of available documents for such searches.
For those who are searching for marriage and death records within the last fifty years, the following address is the best resource available.
Louisiana Department of Health
Vital Records
Office of Public Health
325 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70160
It is possible to order copies through a fax service. To learn more about these options, contact the location by phone at 504-568-5150
Some older data may be available through the archives. Searching the archives is a good idea for those looking for information older than 50 years. To do so, contact the facility at the following address:
Louisiana State Archives
PO Box 94125
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9125
Keep in mind that some of the most accurate and thorough results are more local. You can gather most of the information you need for Louisiana marriage records through local parish offices and even through town clerk's offices. In addition, since there is such a strong religious affiliation in the area, it is best to contact the actual location that performed the marriage for further information.

Churches and other religious organizations keep this information on hand. In addition, you may wish to talk to a local town clerk or town hall record facilitator if you are looking for non-religious but legal unions in the state that are older.
The Louisiana marriage records provide a great deal of information for individuals who are looking for their family's history or looking to gather information regarding the past. This information may include the names of those married, their parents, information regarding where they lived and maiden names. This information may also provide details about a person's religious affiliation or property ownership. The older the documents are, the more difficult it can be to find this information available.
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