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General Information About Alaska Marriage Records and Laws
A large number of individuals these days search this data for several different reasons, including genealogy projects, background investigations and much more. Having relevant data, such as Alaska marriage records on hand, has incredible benefits.
Personal details about the married couple are bought to light, including the names of their parents, the solemnizing officer as well as the time and place of the marriage. Marriage records can be used for proof of marriage or for other legal purposes as well.
The state of Alaska first started recording marriages in 1913. For Alaska marriage records dated before 1913, you will need to send a written request to the Department of Health and Social Services, or visit the church records of the congregation with which the subject of the records you seek may have been affiliated. You usually can expect that early records will be ecclesiastical in nature.
According to Alaska state law, all vital records are considered confidential until they are made public, with marriage license applications being the only exception. All marriage license applications are open to the public in the state of Alaska. Marriage records are kept confidential for fifty years. During which time, only parties of the marriage or legal representation may access Alaska marriage records.
The Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics, also known as Alaska Vital Records, is responsible for the issuance of certified copies of Alaska marriage records for events that took place within the state. No restrictions exist for Alaska marriage records, which are not confidential and open for viewing by the public. Anyone who pays the associated fee and submits the proper paperwork may gain access to Alaska marriage records.
When you place an order for Alaska marriage records, you will have to verify your relationship to the person that is named on the marriage certificate; you may also have to state your reason for requesting the records. In addition, you must also include with your records request a copy of your government-issued photo ID. In the state of Alaska, telephone orders for marriage records will not be accepted.
All Alaska residents have the authority to obtain copies of marriage records. The charge for a certified copy is $20, which is payable by credit card, check or money order.
According to the rules of the state, only the bride and groom listed on the certificate may access their marriage records until the fifty-year period has passed. Anyone else must forward a document or letter from the agency or office requesting the marriage records. After fifty years, the public is free to view the files.
When requesting Alaska marriage records, it is important to find out as many particulars about the subject of the files prior to beginning your search. It is helpful to know things such as the full name of the groom, the first and maiden name of the bride, when and where the marriage took place, your relation to the subject and your reason for requesting access to the marriage records.
 Many people today believe that the best option for searching marriage records is on the Internet. As a matter of fact, these days, all you need is a computer with a connection to the Internet and you are ready to begin navigating records search engines.
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