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General Information About Alabama Marriage Records and Laws
You may need to locate Alabama marriage records for a number of different reasons, such as genealogy research. Although the actual content of these vital records varies, you can typically find out the date and location of the event, in addition to the names of the parents. This data is created when the marriage occurs, ensuring these to be some of the most accurate public records available.
To locate the Alabama marriage records that you are looking for, you must first determine when the marriage took place. In spite of the state's long history, marriage records were not actually kept until 1936.

Therefore, it may difficult to find records for marriages that occurred prior to that date. Knowing the county where the marriage took place in some cases makes it possible to find information by searching the records of local officials. However, in some cases, your search efforts may still fail.
If the marriage records that you need are relatively recent, the search process may be somewhat less difficult. The rules related to Alabama marriage records are rather simple. You pay the small fee, and you get the certificate. Keep in mind that the fee for this certified copy is not refundable. All you have to do is make a request by mail, or visit any health department office and get a copy while you wait. The official website for the Alabama Department of Public Health features a helpful map to locate various offices across the state.
The earliest marriages recorded in Alabama took place at the French settlement known as Fort Louis de la Mobile. In 1704, the Cassette Girls, a small group of young women, traveled to the state in order to become the wives of the first French colonists. Nearly two and a half decades later, another group of wives arrived.
Since 1799, marriage licenses, which were issued by the Clerk of Orphan's Court in the county where the bride resides, have been a requirement in the state of Alabama. The job of issuing marriage licenses and maintaining marriage records went to the County Probate Court after 1850.
Marriage certificates were first recorded in 1936 by the Alabama Center for Health Statistics. For information related to marriages that took place prior to 1936, you will need to go to the probate office in the county where the original marriage license was issued.
Prior to 1888, the information found in Alabama marriage records included:
·         Bride's name
·         Groom's name
·         Bondsmen's names
·         Officiate
·         County of issuance
·         License bond
·         Marriage date
Additional information was included in 1910, such as:
·         Parents' names
·         Physical description
·         Bride and groom's ages
·         Bride and groom's occupations
·         Previous marriages, if any
·         Blood relationship, if any
It is important to note that Alabama marriage records are closed to everyone except family members for 125 years. Otherwise, no restrictions apply. By law in the state of Alabama, marriage certificates are not confidential and can be obtained by any individual for a reasonable fee.
The cost to search for marriage certificates in Alabama is $15, which will get you a certified copy of the marriage certificate, or a Certificate of Failure to Find. At the same time, you may order additional copies of the certificate for only $6. You may be required to pay additional fees if you need expedited service.
Alabama Marriage Records
  • Administration Office

    Administration Office Calhoun County Administration Office
    1702 Noble Street
    Suite 103
    Anniston, AL 36201
    p (256) 241-2800
  • Jefferson County Courthouse

    Jefferson County Courthouse Room 115
    716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd North
    Birmingham, AL 35203
    p (205) 325-5420
  • Mobile County

    Mobile County Probate Court
    101 Government Street
    Mobile, AL 36002
  • Montgomery County Marriage Records

    100 S. Lawrence St, 2nd Floor
    Montgomery, AL 36104
    p (334) 832-1235
  • State of Alabama, Center for Health Statistics

    3060 Mobile Hwy.
    Montgomery, AL 36108
    p (334) 206-5418

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