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General Information On Texas Genealogy Records
Texas genealogy records provide a great deal of information to the public. Not one source will provide all of the information you need, though. Rather, you will need to turn to various organizations and resources to find the information you need to compile a family history. When conducting a genealogy record search, turn to the most local resource possible. In the great state of Texas, you will find a variety of resources available that makes it easier to find the specific information you need to complete your family tree.
Most often, people will need to start compiling Texas genealogy records at the state level. The state does have laws requiring local agencies to report the births, deaths and marriages that occur in the state to the state records. This began in 1903. Some records are available from prior to this time as well. This is only a master index of files,, though, which means you will not be able to get the actual certificate of birth or death through this organization. However, if you need birth, death or marriage records from 1903 or onward, write to or visit the following address:
Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
1100 West 49th Street
PO Box 12040
Austin, Texas 78711
It is possible to request this information from the agency over the phone, though this may delay the response time. To do so, call 512 458-7111.
If you are looking for Texas genealogy records from prior to this time, there are other resources available to you. First, turn to the counties. Most Texas counties have a great deal of vital records on hand not just from the founding of the county but for many years prior to this as well. You can also turn to local town clerks. Both of these agencies were responsible for gathering data from local towns to report to the state.
From here, check the state's vast number of cemeteries. Some of the best include the Unnamed Cemetery in Delta County, the County Line Baptist Chapel Cemetery in Cass County and the Cravens Slave Cemetery. These are just a few of the many resources available. Some of these cemeteries have outstanding records on file to help you to locate family members and their families.
To help you to build your Texas genealogy records, turn to military records. Since the initial founding of the state, it has been an important military resource and there are outstanding records on file that can help you to find out about family records. Look for the Pension Index Cards for example. These are available from as early as the Civil War.
Also helpful are the local churches. If you are looking for Texas genealogy records from the early 1800's or sooner, this resource may be one of the few options available to you. These resources can help you because during those early years, these church organizations, especially the Baptist churches in the area, kept detailed records. You may be able to piece together your family tree through those resources.
Texas Genealogy Records
  • State Archives

    PO Box 12927
    Austin, TX 78711-2927
    p (512) 463-5455
    f (512) 463-5430
  • Tennessee Historical Society

    Tennessee Historical Society
    300 Captiol Boulevard
    War Memorial Building
    Nashville, TX 37243
    p (615) 741-8934
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