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General Information On Nevada Genealogy Records
In Nevada, genealogy records are available that can answer even some of your most difficult questions. Many people are using vital records from the state to help them to piece together information about their families. If learning about your family's history is important to you, it pays to take the time to gather this information. It does take some time in some situations. That is because there are numerous resources you need to use to gather this information. The more resources you use, the more likely it is you will find exactly what you are looking for.
As you work to complete your Nevada genealogy records, it is a good idea to start your search at the state level. In the state, the government enacted a law in 1911 that required the registration of vital records at the state level. Prior to this information, most data was only kept at the county recorder's office or through the town's clerk's office. You may find some very old information through physician's records, too. However, this is limitedly available. If you need any birth or death records from 1911 onward, you will need to contact the following address.
State of Nevada Health Division
Bureau of Health Planning and Statistics
Office of Vital Records and Statistics
505 East King Street, Room 102
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Keep in mind that the state does have some limitations placed on these documents. Not just anyone can access them. You will need to show that you are family or a next of kin in some cases. Doing this helps to protect a family's privacy. It is also possible to contact this agency by phone at 775 684-4242.
There are other resources available to help you to complete your Nevada genealogy records. For example, many people turn to military records to gain additional information. For the Revolutionary War records, check the 1840 Pensioners Database. The Civil War Pension Index Cards can provide some information, too. These records are available through the Veterans Administration offices in your county in most cases.
If your family has Native American heritage, you may wish to learn about the tribal councils in the area. This can provide you with some information if you can gain access to it. Also, look to the older churches in the area. Missionaries who kept detailed records that may be able to answer many of your questions often started the churches here. They did not always offer a complete history but old churches in Nevada can provide some information and insight. The cemeteries in the region can do the same thing. Look to the oldest establishments in the area where your family may have lived or died to gather better information.
The more resources you tap into, the more likely it will be for you to complete your Nevada genealogy records. The key here is to understand that there are many resources to use not just one. Then, you will want to turn to local organizations as much as possible to find this information.
Nevada Genealogy Records
  • Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs

    Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs
    716 N. Carson Street
    Suite B
    Carson City, NV 89701
    p (775) 687-8393
  • Nevada State Genealogical Society

    Nevada State Genealogical Society
    P.O. Box 20666
    Reno, NV 89515-0666
  • State Archives

    100 N Stewart St
    Carson City, NV 89701-4285
    p (775) 684-3360
    f (775) 684-3330
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