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General Information On Maine Genealogy Records
For those in Maine, genealogy records searches can produce a significant amount of information. Maine's long history makes it one of the best resources for finding details on very old families from the region. If you need this information, it is best to complete a thorough search of various resources and records. The more locations you look to in the area, the more likely you are to find the information you need. For property records and medical needs, these searches can be very important.
A good place to start when completing Maine genealogy records is at the state level. Maine was one of the first areas to have a thoroughly reporting resource. Prior to the start of the 1800's, there were more than 200 towns in the area. Most of them were already recording the birth and deaths of people in the area, most gathered marriage documentation also. In 1820, the region became a separate state. Towns continued to do their best to maintain records, but this was not consistent like it was previously. However, the legislature created a law that went into effect in 1864 requiring that local town clerks report information on the births, deaths and marriages of individuals to the state itself.
This information remains one of the first places to start if you are gathering data. If you need records from 1923 onward, you will need to write to or visit the following address:
Maine Department of Human Services
Office of Vital Records
State House Station 11
Augusta, Maine 04333
For any records older than this, you will need to use the archives. To do so, you will need to mail or visit the following location:
Maine State Archives
LMA Building
State House Station 84
Augusta, Maine 04333
There are additional resources available to help you to complete your Maine genealogy records. A good place to start is with the war records on file. The Veterans Affairs offices in Maine have kept most of this information though you may be able to find other documentation. You will find a great deal of information available through the 1840 Pensioners Database as well. The state did participate in the 1907 statewide census and then the countywide 1910 census. This information can help you to flesh out family member's addresses and their distant family.
The state also has a strong religious presence and that has been the case for the last 300 years. As such, some of the oldest churches in the area have some excellent resources. You may be able to show just cause to request a search for family members. You will learn information about the whole family, in many cases. Another option is to check out the local cemeteries. Some date back hundreds of years. Gathering this information may prove difficult from the oldest facilities especially if no paper documentation remains. However, Maine genealogy records searches can just be more challenging. The information is usually out there, you just need to know where to look to find it.
Maine Genealogy Records
  • Maine Genealogical Society

    Maine Genealogical Society
    P.O. Box 221
    Farmington, ME 4938
  • Maine Historical Society

    Maine Historical Society
    489 Congress Street
    Portland, ME 4101
    p (207) 774-1822
  • State Archives

    84 State House Station
    Augusta, ME 04333-0084
    p (207) 287-5795
    f (207) 287-5739
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