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General Information On Kentucky Genealogy Records
Kentucky genealogy records are available for many record searches. Genealogy is the study of a person’s familial history. It presents numerous challenges since there are so many different places individuals can look to gather information. However, no one source is incredibly complete. Rather, if you wish to complete the history of your family, it will take some research and planning.

There are some recommended resources that can help you to create the records you need, but it takes dedicating some time to the process to make it happen.
In Kentucky, genealogy records searches should start at the state. The state was one of the first to require that the state government agencies record the birth, death and marriages of individuals in that area. However, the process was not easy.
The initial law for this occurred in 1852. Many local town clerk's did not comply for the next ten years. From 1872 through 1910 a new law made the same thing a requirement, but during this period, the compliance remains only sporadic. In 1911, a new law went into place that required the information filed with the state. For those who are looking for birth, death or other vital records, make your first search the department of health. You can write or visit the following address from records from 1911 on births and deaths and for marriages from 1958 onward.
Department of Health Services
Office of Vital Statistics
375 East Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
If you hope to find this information from any date prior to this, it is worth visiting the state's archives to determine if the information is readily available. You can do that by writing to the following address:
Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives
Public Records
300 Coffee Tree Road
PO Box 537
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602
These resources may be helpful but there are other places to look to complete your Kentucky genealogy records. You should also consider these sources because they offer more information than basic registrations with the state.
Turn to the town clerk's offices. If you know the city the individual lived and worked in, this is a good place to look for records. The town clerk's offices are now a part of the city hall resources in most areas.
Next, check out the cemeteries. A number of older cemeteries in the state may have birth dates, death dates and family information on file. This includes the following:
·        Linden Grove Cemetery (dates to the 1860's)
·        Mary E Smith African American Cemetery (since 1950)
·        St Mary Cemetery (from 1881 onward)
·        In Anderson County, visit Sand Springs Baptist Church records
The state did participate in the 1920 Census. Even better, you can turn to the churches in the state for additional information. The Northern Kentucky Church Records Index contains information from the 1850's onward. These are all excellent resources for helping individuals to create Kentucky genealogy records. These resources may be some of the best options for those who are looking for accurate but thorough information.
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