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General Information On Kansas Genealogy Records
Kansas genealogy records can provide the missing link you are looking for. Genealogy is the study of a person's family tree. It is the makeup of their history including parents, grandparents and much older generations. By creating this type of family tree, individuals are able to learn about the lives of those who came before them. These types of records can help to indicate medical problems, property ownership and help to find lost family members. If you are looking for information that helps you to learn about your family, you will want to use various resources to help you to dig out the details.
There are numerous details out there, too. In fact, for those looking for Kansas genealogy records, a good place to look is with the department of health itself. The state does have many records on file at the state level. This includes all birth records from July of 1911 onward. Some delayed reported records are on file from as early as the 1860's, though. It also is home to death records from July of 1911 onward. It did not begin gathering information on marriages until 1913, though. Divorce records were filed as early as July of 1951. If you are looking for records from these dates onward, write to or visit the following address:
Kansas Department of Health and the Environment
Vital Statistics
90 SW Jackson, Room 151
Topeka, Kansas 66612
You may also be able to place a request for information over the phone. To do this, call 785 296-1400. You may be able to get further information directly. If you are looking for records dating before these instances, you will need to turn to the historical records survey. One of the most thorough is that which comes from the Clerk of the District Court called "Guide to Public Vital Records in Kansas." You can also turn to local counties for more information and, potentially, for those records.
There are other resources to help you to create Kansas genealogy records. One place many will find exactly what they need is through the cemeteries in the area. These locations contain a vast amount of information including birth dates, death dates and family member information. Here are some locations to look:
·        In Graham County, visit Turner and Anderson Cemetery
·        In Sumner County, visit Old German Lutheran Churchyard, Morris, Mount Hope and Porter cemeteries.
·        In Norton County, visit Lenora East Cemetery
In addition to these locations, you can also look of census data. The state did participate in the 1910 Census. It provides a great deal of information about those who lived and worked in the area. Another resource is to visit the churches in the area. a number of excellent facilities offer records that date back to the 1700's. These records may be available to you to help you to complete your Kansas genealogy records. The key is locating this information. The churches in the area, as well as many town clerks’ offices, will provide you with a great deal of information.
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