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General Information On Illinois Genealogy Records
Illinois genealogy records can help to provide the answers to the questions you have about your family's past. These records provide key information about a great deal of things, including a person's address, religion, family members and much more. In Illinois, there is a strong record keeping history but you will need to conduct your search with the right authorities to get results. This can be challenging in any situation. For those who need to have their questions answered, you can take numerous steps to get results.
In the state of Illinois, record keeping was not always present. In fact, the state itself did not begin keeping records until 1916. It is possible to find records at the state level that date back to 1871 because of back recording but these are only limitedly available. The state began keeping records for marriages in 1962. Prior to this, marriage records were only recorded at the county level. Most birth and death certificates are also recorded at the county level even until now. These county offices may be the best option for finding information.
If you are looking for death and birth records from Illinois from 1916 onwards, or from marriages after 1962, you can look at the state's archived information. Write to or visit the following address for more information:
Illinois State Vital Records
Office Division of Vital Records
605 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Keep in mind that some older records for Illinois genealogy records searches may be available at this location as well. However, looking locally is often better. In addition, the state is not the only option for finding information about loved ones.
One of the oldest options for conducting these searches is the Catholic Church, which has been present in the area since the 1700's. The Diocese of Belleville, a Catholic parish in the state has some of the best information available from as far back as 1729. You will be able to find information about marriages, births, deaths, confirmations and first communions through this sources plus information about parent's names and siblings.
In addition to this, you may want to check out some of the old cemeteries in the state. In De Witt County, the Barnes Cemetery and the Harlemville Cemetery are some of the oldest and have records of those buried there. In Rock Island County, the Frieden's Lutheran Church Cemetery served as an important tool within the area.
The state also participated in numerous censuses and those records may help you as well. The census of 1910 is well documented but there was also a census in 1818 and that provides a great deal of information regarding the names of family members and property owners in the area. Keep in mind that these records can be hard to find but when they are found, they are well worth it. Illinois genealogy records like this can be an exceptional investment in your family's history. Learn about where to find them and then search for them thoroughly.                                                                                                                                                                                        
Illinois Genealogy Records
  • Chicago Genealogical Society

    Chicago Genealogical Society
    P.O. Box 1160
    Chicago, IL 60690-1160
  • State Archives

    Archives Division
    Norton Bldg, Capitol Complex
    Springfield, IL 62756
    p (217) 782-4682
    f (217) 524-3930
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