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General Information On Georgia Genealogy Records
In Georgia, genealogy records provide a resource for families who wish to learn about their past. These records are not in one place. Rather, individuals will need to use various agencies and organizations to help them to track down this information. The good news is that the state does have numerous resources available for searching. It is a good idea for individuals to spend a bit of time locating this information from various sources both for verification purposes and because they will want any additional information available from various sources.
Often, the best place to start with Georgia genealogy records is the actual birth and death certificates of individuals. Since the start of settlement in this area, some records were kept. Most records started being collected once towns were founded. However, it would be some time before the state would gather this information itself. The state required initial reporting from counties and towns about the deaths and births occurring there in 1919. However, these records are not complete until at least 1928. Prior to this, counties kept records. In fact, you can find some that date back to the 1700's if you turn to local county vital records offices.
If you are looking for any birth or death records from after 1919, or death records from 1952 onward, one of the best sources for this information is the Public Health Offices. You can get that information by writing or visiting the following address:
Georgia Division of Public Health
Vital Records Division
Room 217-H 47
Trinity Avenue, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
You may be able to get more information or to request more information by calling the following number: 404 656-4750. The agency will perform searches but they can take several weeks to obtain.
For those who are looking for other Georgia genealogy records, there are other resources to tap into. Several of the state's cemeteries have records on file that you can search to find individuals buried there. In Atkinson County, Antioch Cemetery is one of the largest. In Burke County, Old City Cemetery in Waynesboro is a good choice. For Mitchell County, visit Mount Enon Cemetery records. The counties within the state participated in the nationwide census of 1910 as well. You may be able to gather this information for research in the local counties.
Other options include using the Georgia Land Lottery Records, Pulaski County Land Lottery and the Early Troup County, Georgia Land Records. Military records are available from various Armed Forces offices in the state. If you are looking for very old records, turn to the churches in the area. These have the largest amount of information on the locals that lived and worked in the area, sometimes dating back hundreds of years.
Georgia genealogy records provide an outstanding way to build your family tree, but you will need to find this information through some searching and research. Take a few minutes to conduct a state search and then turn to town clerks and counties for older information and resources.
Georgia Genealogy Records
  • Georgia Genealogical Society

    Georgia Genealogical Society
    P.O. Box 550247
    Atlanta, GA 30355-2747
    p (706) 268-3311
  • Georgia Historical Society

    Georgia Historical Society
    501 Whitaker Street
    Savannah, GA 31401
    p (912) 651-2125
  • State Archives

    Archives & History Department
    5800 Jonesboro Rd.
    Atlanta, GA 30260
    p (678) 364-3700
    f (678) 364-3856
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