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Arizona genealogy records can provide the answers you need to many of the hardest questions you have. If you have lost a parent or grandparent, tracking your family's older history can be difficult to do. Yet, many men and women want to know where they came from, what battles their family has gone through and where their ancestors lived, worked and made their life. Piecing together the puzzles of any genealogy project is difficult, but there are many tools to help you through the process. It starts with knowing where to look.
Some of the most important information for this type of records search will come from birth records, death records and marriage records. In Arizona, the state does keep many of these records on hand. To find them, you will need to search the Office of Vital Records. This state-level agency has the records for nearly all people since the early 1900's. You can write to them or visit in person at the following address:
Office of Vital Records
1818 West Adams
Phoenix, Arizona 85030
It is also possible to get some information through fax. The fax number is 602 249-3040. You can also call the agency directly at 602-364-1300. Keep in mind that very old records can take some time to locate. The agency has on file birth records from as early as 1909. Death records also from this time are available. However, for marriage documents or older records, you will need to turn to the county. Country records are the only place to find most of this information.
Your Arizona genealogy records search does not stop there, though. There may be other details and ways for you to gather information. One of the most recommended methods is to contact the cemeteries in the areas where you know family lived. Most keep detailed records of each person who is buried there. This often includes names, birth and death dates, family members or next of kin and information regarding the person's life.
You may also want to contact the Western States historical Marriage Records Index for information about marriages and other vital records dating prior to 1900. This can provide you with a great deal of information. Native American records are also a big tool in this particular area. The Navajo, specifically, kept very detailed documents that could provide the information you are looking for.
You can also use the Civil War Pensions Index Cards for searching for members of the army during this time period. You may find information about the name, unit and application number of the individual. In addition, census records are on file in the state for each county dating back at least 100 years, sometimes even more. You can use these records to establish family relationships and property ownership.
Arizona genealogy records can answer many of the questions you have but often times they open the door with more questions. A search for a family tree like this can be quite exciting and it is definitely worth taking on.
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