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General Information On Alaska Genealogy Public Records
Finding Alaska genealogy records can be an amazing experience. It allows you to locate family members who you never knew about. It can help you to make connections with relatives you did not know where living near you or far from you. The right information can help you to track the lives of those who came before you while also telling you about yourself. Sometimes, they are helpful for property and medical searches. However, the hardest part of the process is knowing where to look to find this information.
The good news is you can look in many places to find Alaska genealogy records. As the state has not always been a part of the country and has one of the shortest histories in terms of American government, it does take some time to locate the most effective details from these records. However, there are some outstanding ways you can find information about past relatives living in Alaska. The following are a few sources worth checking out.
Start with cemetery records. These are on file with each of the local cemeteries. You can track not only where a person is buried but also who his next of kin where and what property he or she may have owned. This is an excellent place to get information dating from the early 1900's.
Another solution is to use Native American tribal information. The area has had numerous more remote locations where in depth records are on file. You will need to know if your family members were a part of these groups as well as if they have any affiliation with tribes in the region. Then, you can contact those local organizations for more information.
Another solution for finding information for Alaska genealogy records is war records. There are numerous records on file at the various military establishments in Alaska. You may be able to gather this information.
Perhaps the best resource for tracking any type of Alaska genealogy record is to do so using the Bureau of Vital Statistics. This organization is the one that handles most types of searches. You will find outstanding data here, including details about the birth, death and marriages of family members. To contact the organization write to them or visit in person at the following address:
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Department of Health and Social Services
5441 Commercial Blvd
Juneau, Alaska 99801
You can also fax information you may need to gather at the following number: 907-465-3391 or call directly at 907-465-3618. You will find a great deal of records on file here. Birth records from 1890 are on file at this location. However, birth records only become available to the public after 100 years after the event. Unless you can prove your relationship to the individual you may not get them this way.
 Divorce, marriage, death records and others may be available as well. If you do not find the Alaska genealogy records you need this way, it is a good idea to consider more local sources including churches.
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