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General Information On Alabama Genealogy Records
Alabama genealogy records help families to find long lost members. They can help to answer questions about the relationships people had long ago. In many situations, people are using them to track illness and family medical history. They can use these records to help locate distant relatives or to determine what property a family member may have owned years ago. In order to create a family tree, though, you will need to use various records sources. Searching the right source and pull up the right information for your needs.

Alabama Genealogy Records Search:
There are many ways to find Alabama genealogy records. In fact, the more methods you use, the more likely it is that you will find information useful to you. The following are some of the best tools available for those looking for basic information on their family or even the unique, individual detail out there.
One of the best tools for finding records from the 1800's is to use the Alabama State Census Records. These records are available for years 1820, 1850 and 1855 and later 1866. You will find information about not only property owners, but also slaves during those years.
Another ideal place to search for Alabama genealogy records is with voter registration documents. These are not readily available throughout the state, but you will find a wide range of information from the Alabama Voter Directories. For example, the 1867 Voter Registration Database is one of the most complete tools for finding information and property records for those in the area from that time period.
Vital records searches are also an important tool. Nearly all information from 1908 and onward is available through the Department of Archives and History. You can track this information at the following address:
Department of Archives and History
624 Washington Ave
Montgomery, Alabama 36130.
It is also possible to contact the organization by phone. Call them at 334-242-4363. Keep in mind this database will provide information on birth records, death records, marriage records and military records for those who worked in the state or lived there. The state did not require the gathering of birth certificates or other vital records prior to 1908.
However, it is also possible to find this information by conducting a local search. If you know the place where the individual lived or grew up, you can often use township records as a search tool. Alabama genealogy records dating from the late 1700's may be available in this way. However, finding them does mean turning to local township clerks. Another solution is to use the churches that date back through the time you are looking for. These churches carried and kept records for hundreds of years.
In your Alabama genealogy records search, do spend some time with other registrations. Immigration records, naturalization records and military records can also prove to be ideal tool for locating those who were once a part of your family tree. There are often many ways to gather this information but it all starts with that initial search.
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