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Reports indicate that the number of divorce cases in the United States is on the rise. Once the bliss of bouquets, champagne toasts and flowing gowns as fizzled out, some couples find that their relationship just does not have what it takes to stand the test of time. Each state keeps a record of the divorces that are filed within its jurisdiction.
Gaining access to divorce records may be subject to various laws and regulations in some states. For this reason, it is crucial that you understand the restrictions in the state that holds the records you seek to ensure that no laws are violated.
A divorce begins with an official filing, and then the legal course is run and a final decree is the result. Each step of the process is documented and kept on file. Divorce records are uploaded onto a central state repository, where they are maintained as referenced for both the government and the public for informational purposes. This practice began on the back of the Freedom of Information Act in 1966, but most states already held records on a county level for many years prior.
In a number of states, the records office or central statistics office is not able to issue certified copies of divorce records. In these states, you will only be able to verify that the divorce was granted in that state. You will be redirected to the court that granted the divorce, where you may find original documentation, such as the divorce certificate or divorce decree. You will usually be able to access the information at no additional cost after paying a small fee for your search or administrative services rendered.
You will be able to access standard information in the free divorce records that you obtain, including the personal particular of the people involved in the divorce as well as those of any children involved in the case. You may find details regarding the divorce, such as when and where it took place, how custody of any children was rewarded, alimony ordered, the reason for the divorce and more.
However, some cases may be categorized as closed or confidential based on the order of the court. Although divorce records are generally considered public, specific court order can prevent the release of private information, as it deems necessary.
The way you obtain divorce records depends on the government agency to which you submit your request. Usually, you will be able to access the records that you want via telephone, fax or walk-in. More and more court systems are making it possible to access records over the Internet, which will save you the time, effort and expense of traveling to collect the information that you seek.
The fees for administrative services and processing vary from one office to the next, as does the time it takes to acquire the divorce records that you need. In addition, the mode of your request can also affect the response time and expense. The details for obtaining divorce records are usually listed along with procedure instructions when you apply for access.
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