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General Information About Vermont Death Records and Laws
In Vermont, death records are available and can provide a range of details for many people. There are many ways in which you can use these records. Many people use them to help build a family history in creating a family genealogy report. In other cases, these records can be useful for things like verifying a person's address or learning who a person's family members were. There are many uses for these records, but the key is knowing what to do to get those records. It is not always as easy as it sounds to get a copy of records.
In the state of Vermont, the towns continue to record the deaths of individuals as they occur. It has been this way since 1857. At that time, the state required for towns to register all deaths occurring within the state as a way of maintaining official records, but they were not sent to the state level. Rather, they were recorded at the town level and kept there. While this type of record keeping did not officially become a requirement until 1857, it is still quite possible that the towns have records dating back significantly longer. There are some full family group records on file dating to 1820 in fact.
It is also important to know that Vermont death records were not always as organized. For example, it was common for individuals to die in one town or area and then for their death to be recorded where they once lived. This means that for those who are searching for these records, it is possible to find them in multiple towns not just in the area where the person died. Nevertheless, documents are not complete for most time periods prior to 1857.
If you are looking for any death records in Vermont from the last ten years, they are on file at the state level. The state keeps a registration of deaths on hand prior to sending this information to an archive. You can look for this information through the Vital Records Unit. To do so, you can visit the following address or write to it.
Vermont Department of Health
Vital Records Unit
108 Cherry Street
PO Box 70
Burlington, Vermont 05402
In Vermont, death records may not have been officially mandated until the mid 1800's, but the strong presence of religious organizations in the area can help to provide more information. Religious organizations in Vermont have records on file for the last 200 years and sometimes longer. Since this region is one of the most settled in early Colonial days, there are also some towns that have been recording this information for centuries. You can access those records, but doing so generally takes looking local for the information.
The use of Vermont death records is a big deal. Individuals who need this information will find it available to them through local record searches in most cases. Keep in mind that in Vermont, there are often multiple records available in various portions of the state.
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