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General Information About Oklahoma Death Records and Laws
In Oklahoma, death records are available to view and to obtain copies of for various needs. These records have become one of the most popular options for completing family histories. It also is useful for verifying or learning where a person lived while alive or what property he or she may have owned. The search for these records begins with gathering as much information as you can about the person. Most searches require information on the person's full name, address, date of death (or as close to it as possible) as well as the person's location at the time of death. If you need to find death records in the state, you will need to find the right resources for that information.
The state of Oklahoma does require that individuals provide information about deaths to the local county offices. This information is then sent to the state offices. However, this is not the way that it was always done. In fact, most Oklahoma death records were not always available. The state did not require the reporting of births or deaths until October of 1908. Even once this requirement was put into place, though, it would take almost 20 more years before all portions of the state would report this information on a consistent basis. In 1917, registration of death records was mandated, but 90 percent compliance after this legal requirement still took 10 years. Throughout this period of time, registration of deaths at the state level remained sporadic.
For those who are looking for Oklahoma death records from 1908 onward, the best location for getting this information is the Division of Vital records within the state. You can write this agency or you can visit the location directly to get the information you need. To do so, visit the following location.
Oklahoma Department of Health
Division of Vital Records
1000 Northeast 10th Street
Room 117
PO Box 53551
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152.
There is a small fee you must pay to get these records. It is possible that this type of record will take some time to obtain. The length of time it takes depends on many factors but most especially how much information you are able to provide prior to obtaining the record.
In Oklahoma, death records are available for most people through the state search, but if you do need to look for records at the more local level, you can do so. Townships and cities within the area have gathered this information for many years, even significantly prior to 1917. It is also possible that local religious organizations will have this information on hand. It can take time to find these records, but it is possible.
Oklahoma death records can answer many of the questions people have about their family and about property ownership. However, these records at the state level only provide a basic amount of information. It is usually a good idea to look for records at a local level whenever it is possible to do so.
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