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General Information About Ohio Death Records and Laws
In Ohio, death records begin with local organizations. The state is one of the many that did not enact laws that would require the reporting of deaths within the state until much later than the actually founding of it. It is possible to find some records from early years, but knowing where to look for this information is quite important especially if you need this data for a family genealogy report or for other needs. The good news is there are several ways you can get this information.
Ohio death records start at the county level. The county gathers and maintains these records as the deaths occur. If you are dealing with someone who has just died, then getting the official, legally binding death certificate is possible through this county office. Sometimes, cities also keep these records on hand. These local death records continue to be the best place to look for death records only because they often contain more data, including more information about the person's name, age, cause of death, address and the next of kin. Knowing this information can help with many family history reports.
If you do not know enough information to obtain a local death search, the next step is to turn to the state. In Ohio, there were two pushes to enact a law requiring the reporting of death records in the 1800's. Those did not work, though the state does have some records of this information dating back several hundred years. In 1908, the state did institute the requirement for vital records, including Ohio death records to be recorded at the state level. Since this time, it has been possible for individuals to search for individual information within the state. For those who are looking for death records in Ohio, the following address is the best resource for that information.
Ohio Department of Health
Division of Vital Statistics
PO Box 15098
Columbus, Ohio 43215
It is also possible for individuals to obtain information from this agency by calling them. To do so, you can call 614-466-2531. Otherwise, you can visit the address above or mail a request for this information. A nominal fee must be paid in order to do this type of search. You may also have to wait several weeks to obtain the results, though the agency does not mention how long it could take.
In addition to this, Ohio death records can also be found through other sources. In Ohio, religious organizations have been present for the last 200+ years. Many of them do have records about member deaths. You can also check with local cemetery records to find out more about this information.
Taking the time to search for Ohio death records can take some time. However, this information can contain a rich amount of information perfect for completely family histories or for building a fuller picture about property ownership. Take into consideration the range of options for finding these records. Sometimes, local searches can provide the best resource.
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