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General Information About North Dakota Death Records and Laws
In North Dakota, death records are available to the public. Searching for this information can be a process, though, since the state did not always keep records for this. Those who need to build a family history or those who need to find out where someone lived often seek after these records. Death records can also provide some information about next of kin and the cause of death. The amount and type of information on these records really depends on factors such as when the person died and the area. The good news is that there are several ways to get these records.
The state originally required that local county public health facilities report deaths occurring within the area beginning in 1893. This law required that the death of individuals be reported directly to the township clerks. However, the law did not work and it was repealed two years later. In 1899, through some changes, the law was put back in place. At this time, this data was kept on file at the township level. Then, in 1923, the state created the State Department of Vital Records. At that time, all death records in North Dakota were sent to this bureau for management and storing. This is also where you will find birth records in the state.
If you need North Dakota death records from 1893 through the present time, the first place to look for those records is this department. You can contact this agency at the following address, usually by mail or by visiting the location in person.
North Dakota State Department of Health
Division of Vital Records
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505
There is a nominal fee for obtaining these records. You will pay it prior to the search occurring. Once the fee is paid and the details you provide are obtained, the agency will then perform the search for you. It can take up to six weeks to get results in older records searches.
For those who need North Dakota death records from prior to 1893, the best location for these is at the township level. However, not all townships did take the time to gather and store this information. Some county offices contain information as well. If you can find older religious organizations in the area, this may also provide you with the information that you need regarding death records. These organizations did a great job of collecting this information in the earlier years. Another location for obtaining older records are cemeteries. These locations may have an index on file of the individuals buried there. However, this is only available limitedly throughout the state.
In North Dakota, death records may or may not be available on a ready basis. You may need to wait several weeks to get this information. However, once you do get this information, you can use it any way you need to, including for family genealogy reports and for property record verifications. The data can provide a source of information for you.
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