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General Information About New Jersey Death Records and Laws
New Jersey death records provide answers to the questions many people have. This information can be very difficult to find without a formal search of a state database. However, the New Jersey authorities did not require for all deaths to be provided at the start. This means that there are some records not held at the state level that you will need to search for otherwise to find. The good news is that there are options for finding most of the death records available throughout the state. The key is to know where to find this information.
A good place to start is with the state level. When considering all of the states along the Atlantic coastline, New Jersey has one of the oldest state registration processes for most vital records, including births, deaths and even marriages. If you need any New Jersey death record from May of 1848 onward, this is the place to look to get it. The state records are held through the New Jersey State Archives. Some documentation exists from the 1700's. It is a good idea for you to start your search here. You can do so by writing or visiting the following location.
New Jersey State Archives
Division of Archives and Records Management
185 West State Street
CN 307
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
For those who do not find the records they need at this level, you will need to look more locally. New Jersey has a long history of collecting this data, but none of it is 100 percent in compliance until at least the mid 1900's. This means that you can be missing many of the death records. To find them, contact local county offices. These county public health offices routinely gathered information about the deaths in the state. You can also gather information from cemetery records (which are available to the public) as well as through religious affiliations. Some of the earliest records of births and deaths in the state occurred through the various religious organizations that formed just after the establishment of cities in the early 1700's. However, these are often considered non-legally binding records.
Gathering New Jersey death records from other sources can be a bit more difficult than getting them from other sources. However, most people will not have to do this. That is because many of the death records in the state are on file. You can get copies of the death certificate for most of them from the 1900's onward. For older records, you may only find basic information and notations of the death on file.
New Jersey death records can help you to answer many of the questions you have. These records help individuals with questions about family genealogy, property records searches and even just verification of other information. You can often track down the information you need through the state or county searches. There is a nominal fee to pay for accessing these records, but most importantly, you will have the information you need.
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