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General Information About Nebraska Death Records and Laws
In Nebraska, death records are kept for any person who dies within the state. The local county is required to gather information about the death, including all information for the creation of an official death certificate. This information is then sent to the state for record keeping purposes. Nebraska, as one of the lesser populated states early on, does not have a lot of early death records on file. However, there is a great deal of information available for those who need it and several ways to find any available notation of death records in the state.
In the search of records, a good place to start is at the local level. The local government has many resources available for searching for this type of information. The best sources of information, though come from the county public offices where the official death certificates are on hand. These are kept on file for the long term, but it is not always possible for individuals to find this information. If a person dies and you need a death certificate, you may have to show that you are the next of kin or that you have another valid reason for getting this record. However, registration of the death does not just happen at the local level.
The next step in the recording process is to send the death information to the state. In Nebraska, the state began requiring that all local offices provide registration of deaths in 1904. It would take some time for all of the counties in the state to be in compliance with this requirement, though. Because of this, it is often hard to find some of the older or first records of death on file. However, most more recent deaths are on file at the state level. If you are looking for Nebraska death records from 1904 through the present time, the best route to take for this information is through the Department of Health. You can get this information by writing or visiting the department at the following address.
Nebraska Department of Health
Vital Records Department
PO Box 95065
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509
If you need death records from someone who died prior to 1904 in the state of Nebraska, the next step is to look locally. If you cannot find the record at the county level, you can then consider turning to local town clerks. In many cases, the original establishments of many of the cities in the area did keep records for the deaths occurring. However, this information is not available in full through any one source. If you know the county the person died in, you can get this information by contacting local archives to request it.
The use of Nebraska death records for the use of genealogy or for property ownership records can take some time. In fact, these non-priority requests can take up to seven weeks in some cases. You can request the information from the organization, though, as there is no limitation on who can obtain the Nebraska death records.
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