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General Information About Illinois Death Records and Laws
Illinois death records provide important information for many situations. Those who need this information can find it from a variety of sources. Death records may or may not provide detailed information, though. Sometimes, death records in Illinois at the state level only contain a notation of a person's death, with basic identifying information with it. However, more detailed death certificates are held at the local county offices. These records can provide a range of details including information on a person's next of kin, property ownership, the cause of death and much more.
Finding Illinois death records can be the biggest challenge most people face when looking for this data. The state did not always require this information to be kept on hand. More so, if you are looking for very old records, such as those prior to the area becoming a state, this can be even more complex. A few resources can help most people to find the information they need, though. The more information you have about the person who died, including where it occurred and any religious details about the person, the more likely you are to find more in depth information regarding their death on record.
The state began requiring death records to be recorded at the state level starting in 1916. You are likely to find some records on death dating from as far back as 1871 through the same resources. Illinois death records are on mostly available at the county level from this time, though. Although the state required this information to be kept, it was kept only at a county level for some years. If you are looking for any death records prior to 1916, the only resource available is at the county level. If you are looking for records from 1916 onward, you can check with a state index. To do that, you will need to write to the following location.
Illinois State Vital Records
Office of Vital Records
605 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702
The records held at the state level may not include a lot of details, though. The state of Illinois only requires basic information, often associated with the person's identifying information to be provided. This may include the person's name, address and date of death. If you are looking for more personal information, including family information or property ownership records, you will need to find this information at the local level. It will provide far more detail overall.
The use of Illinois death records can help to answer many of the questions individuals have. You will find a wide range of information on things like the person's name, address, next of kin and even the cause of death, if you obtain the death certificate. The state does not outright require you to provide a reason for accessing this information, but it may require it at some point. take into consideration all of your needs, then look for these records at the level that's necessary to get the results you need.
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