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General Information About Idaho Death Records and Laws
The search for Idaho death records can be a big one. Since the state was not a part of the country for some time, the search for records data is more difficult for older records. However, if you are looking for information related to any type of death record, you should be able to find it with a bit of digging. Keep in mind that the most thorough and accurate, as well as the more likely place to find these records come from local organizations and township clerks in Idaho. There are a few other steps to take to get this information, though.
The state did not require reporting of Idaho death records for some time. In fact, these deaths were not recorded at the county level until 1907 in fact. That means that for records prior to this time, you will need to use a local search. Consider local township records, cemetery records, doctor records as well as religious organization records. Those are available through local organizations and can be much more difficult to obtain than other searches. For those who need records from this time, it pays to look as local as possible to find them.
For those who are looking for Idaho death records from after 1907, the process becomes a bit different. In 1911, the state changed laws to report these deaths. From 1907 through 1911, the county clerk's office began reporting this information. Only a basic detailing of this information may be available. In 1911, record laws changed and it became a requirement that these details be provided to the state level. The records at the state level have become a requirement, but even early records at that time can be limited.
For those who need Idaho death records, the first step may be to contact the Vital Statistics Unit. This state office does record this information and can provide it. For death records from 1911 onwards, as well as for birth records and marriage records (from 1947 onward) you can contact the following office:
State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Vital Statistics Unit
450 West State Street
Boise, Idaho 83720
For those who need records from this office, you will have to visit locally or mail your request to the office. The processing time, according to the Department, can take from one to eight weeks, or longer. The older the record is, the more difficult it will be to find.
In Idaho, death records are public knowledge. However, there may be restrictions and limitations on who can receive the initial death certificate. This information is also available at the county level. If you are looking for information prior to 1911, it may be best to choose a local route to take to get it, including the town clerk's office. This information is readily available to those who need it but, like with all records searches, it can take some time to find and to gather for your genealogy or property search needs.
Idaho Death Records
  • Accident Reports

    Traffic and Highway Safety-Accident Records
    PO Box 7129
    Boise, ID 83707-1129
    p (208) 334-8100
    f (208) 334-4430
  • Bonner County Assistance

    4100 McGhee Road,
    Suite B1
    Sandpoint, ID 83864
    p (208) 255-5291
  • County Courthouse

    Fairfield, ID 83327-0430
    p (208) 764-2242
  • Kootenai County

    PO Box 9000
    Coeur d'Alene,, ID 83816
    p (208) 446-1000
  • Twin Falls County

    404 Fairfield Street North
    P.O. Box 126
    Twin Falls,, ID 83303
    p (208) 733-7610 x24

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