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General Information About Delaware Death Records and Laws
Delaware death records provide a vast amount of information to those seeking it. The state does provide access to these records for the general public, though you may need to provide a reason for asking for this information. Depending on where you get this information, you may find that this information is readily available to solve many of the questions and concerns you have. It is important to consider what you need, where to get it and how to do so.
The first step is to consider the state's record keeping. Delaware is one of the states that did not require much data to be kept on file at the state level for many years. There are very important limitations to consider though. First off, the state established the Bureau of Vital Statistics in 1913. State Archives have data on hand for many of those records, though, as this is now the location where the state stores this information. However, after 1913, many of these records are off limits and considered restricted. Restrictions on them help to limit those who can access this personal information.
To obtain copies of any Delaware death records from 1913 or onward, you will need to take into consideration why you need them. These records are really only available to those who have a direct interest in these records. You can also access these records if you have an established personal or property right verification or need. Information beyond that is not readily available.
If you know more details, you may be able to gather additional data. In the city of Wilmington, Delaware, for example, death records were kept on hand since 1881. For those who need death records from 1953 onward, the best place to start to get this information is the following address:
Office of Vital Statistics
Division of Public Health
PO Box 637
Dover, Delaware 1993
You can also get older records from the Delaware State Archives, a division of the Hall of Records of the Bureau of Archives and Records Management. This location is in Dover. You can contact them by phone at 302-674-5680.
Delaware death records are available in many cases at a more informal level. The more local you can get with your search, the better. For example, churches and religious organizations in Delaware were established since the founding of the country and significantly before this. Those organizations kept records of the births, deaths and marriages of many people in the local area. Within a few years of establishment, most small towns also began to keep records of deaths. This information is available to some degree from those sources.
Finding Delaware death records can be a challenge, but it takes a bit of research to find this information. In many situations, this information can be helpful, though, for genealogy testing and for other research. Providing the right data to these organizations can help you to get the records you need. Though there are restrictions, many people can access these records.
Delaware Death Records
  • Accident Reports

    Traffic Control Section
    PO Box 430
    Dover, DE 19903
    p (302) 739-5931
    f (302) 739-5936
  • Kent County Superior Court

    Kent County Superior Court Kent County Courthouse
    38 The Green
    Dover, DE 19901
    p (302) 739-3184
  • New Castle County

    New Castle County Louis L. Redding City/County Building
    800 N. French Street
    2nd Floor
    Wilmington, DE 19801
    p (302) 395-7800
  • Sussex County Superior Court

    Sussex County Superior Court Sussex County Courthouse
    1 The Circle
    Suite 2
    Georgetown, DE 19947
    p (302) 855-7055

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