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General Information About Arizona Death Records and Laws
Finding and using Arizona death records makes sense for many people. The use of death records in genealogy reports and family tree planning has become a very common. These records often contain a wide range of information. The state requires information about the person's name and address, as well as a next of kin. In addition to this, you may learn of family members and the cause of death from a death certificate. However, getting these reports is not always easy to do. It can take some time to get all of the details worked out.
The state does keep good records. As the state did not become a state until 1912, many of the records prior to this are more difficult to obtain. However, many of the local town clerks and smaller organizations within the communities do contain these records. You will have no problem finding these records in that case. Today, when a person dies in Arizona, the local county health department gathers those records. When the records are collected, they are then sent to the state for record keeping. Only basic information is on file at the state level, which is why many need a more thorough investigation and exploration of records than just the information on record about the death itself.
Overall, most birth and death records are on file in Arizona dating from 1909 (though some not until later.) The Office of Vital Records, a smaller organization, does have older records available that you can use. These date from 1884 to 1887 or later, depending on the county.
For those who are looking for Arizona death records, it is important to know that the state does not provide these records for just any need. In most situations, you may be asked when you need them and they may only be provided to the next of kin (for the most recent records.) However, the state does not have a specific limit on when these records become available. In most cases, the initial death certificate is available within 30 days, though it can take significantly longer to obtain the state's official record of these deaths.
If you are searching for Arizona death records, a good place to start is with the Arizona Department of Health Services. You can get this information from mailing the following address:
Vital Records Section/Arizona Department of Health Services
2727 West Glendale Ave
PO Box 3887
Phoenix, Arizona 85030
In addition, you may be able to access these records online or by calling the agency. The older the records are, the longer the search to finding them may take. Older records are not computerized. If you cannot find the Arizona death records you need from this location, another option is to visit local churches, temples and community organizations including the town clerk's office for additional information. In the oldest of records, this data is available almost exclusively from these sources. Individuals who need these records will need to spend some time verifying them.
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