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General Information About Alaska Death Records and Laws
Alaska death records can work very well as a tool to answer your questions. When a person dies in the state, the information about that person's death is recorded with the department of health. This information is put in records, but is not always accessible to those who need or want this information. The underlying concern is that individuals who do not have a right to this information may try to obtain it and use it for the wrong reasons. However, in the right hands, this information can be very good.
Alaska death records provide important information. The state requires information to be recorded and then sent to Juneau to be recorded long term. This information includes the person's name, address, father and mother, other relatives and the cause of death. The information is stored for many purposes but remains available only to those considered the next of kin (such as a spouse or children, or a parent) for 50 years from the date of the death. Only those who have a reason for this information can obtain it (such as proving the death of a spouse.)
After the 50 years expires, though, Alaska death records become more accessible. Though you still may need to present a reason for obtaining them, it is likely you will be able to see them. In Alaska, the state has required the recording of most vital records since 1913. Births and deaths have also been recorded since this time. For those who need records since this time, one of the best resources for obtaining them is the State's department of health. The following address can help.
Department of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
PO Box 110675
Juneau, Alaska 99811-0675
For those who need to, it may also be possible to request this information by fax or phone. The department may require two weeks to process these requests. Most often, requests can be obtained sooner than this. In some cases, genealogical requests specifically are not honored. However, other services can also help with these services.
For those who need Alaska death requests, for genealogy needs or other needs that are older, though, it may be possible to obtain these from other sources. For example, many of the older records are available from churches and local facilities dating back to the founding of the area. Though much of the area has not been inhabited for a long time, some of the older town councils and town recorders have the tools to track the deaths and births from others.
The Alaska death requests are available for many needs. Keep in mind that obtaining and using these can be a great tool for genealogy and for property searches, not to mention other needs. For those that need them, the Department of Health and Social Services in your local community may be a good first step. For others who need them for genealogy reports and for property needs, the process can be a bit more in depth. However, having this information can be valuable.
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