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General Information On Virginia Criminal Records
In the state of Virginia, criminal records are considered public information to some degree. This depends on the type of information contained within the report. The state does provide for general public searches of criminal records. This is most commonly done when an individual is applying for a job or entering into a long-term business agreement or lease. The goal of using these records is to verify not only the identity of the individual but also his or her criminal background to ensure he or she is safe to work with in a professional setting.
Keep in mind that the state does have the ability to determine what information is shared and what is in it. Since the state is not an open records state, it does not have to share information. In some situations, those who are justice personnel can only access records. Those who are facing limitations accessing records will need to appeal the court system to gain access to this information.
Most other Virginia criminal records are available. The general public or other authorized agencies may gain access to this information through the state's criminal records department. This is managed through the Department of State Police. Individuals who are requesting information about any person will need to fill out two forms to request this information. The first is Form SP 167. Normal citizens and most companies will use this form to gain access. The second form is for those who may be researching information for adoptions, childcare organizations or for adult care facilities. These forms are available through the Department of State Police. It is possible to print out a form from the agency's website and then to mail it to the following address:
Department of State Police
PO Box 85076
Richmond, Virginia 23261
This agency will process most requests for Virginia criminal records searches, but not all information will be available. In most cases, the agency will want to know why this information is needed. If it is for verification of qualifications for employment, for example, this information should be provided at the time of the request.
For a complete background check on an individual, consider accessing the Central Criminal Records Exchange. It can help to provide information about various crimes and does have a fingerprint file. This agency does provide these types of criminal searches for a fee. There is also the Virginia Sexual Offender Registry to consider using. This file documents only the sexually oriented offenders in the state and provides contact information, charges and other criminal activity.
For those who wish to gain access to Virginia criminal records, the State Department of Police is the best option. It may also be possible to visit one of the county or state offices of law enforcement to request a background check on an individual. This information can provide explanations that are more thorough of the person's criminal background. Juvenile records are not available to the public in the state of Virginia and other files may be sealed as well.
Virginia Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    900 E Main St
    Richmond, VA 23219
    p (804) 786-2071
    f (804) 786-1991
  • Criminal Records

    PO Box 85076
    Richmond, VA 23261-5076
    p (804) 674-6750
    f (804) 674-8529
  • Incarceration Records

    Records Unit
    PO Box 26963
    Richmond, VA 23261-6963
    p (804) 674-3131
    f (804) 674-3598
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry
    PO Box 85076
    Richmond, VA 23261-5076
    p (804) 674-6750
    f (804) 674-8529

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