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General Information On Texas Criminal Records
In Texas, criminal records data is available through a variety of sources. The state has an open records law, which means that all records of criminal activity for a person are available for searching and viewing by the general public or by private organizations. This type of open law allows individuals to know what types of actions are happening with their city while also providing individuals with an opportunity better to understand whom they plan to work with, live with or start business with. However, accessing this information is not always simplistic.
In order to access any Texas criminal records, individuals will need to have as much identifying information as possible. If the search is for a specific incident, having the case description, number and location is important. However, it is also possible to search the state's databases for individuals and their individual criminal records. These types of criminal records comprise all of the illegal actions (if any) that a person committed since the time they were 18 years old. This information is readily available and can provide a great deal of information once obtained.
In the state of Texas, criminal records do contain a lot of information. They contain any instance in which an individual is charged with a crime, even if he or she is later proven innocent. In addition, the criminal record will show the incident description, the type of charge, the type of punishment and a description of the incident's outcome. This information is available for all types of actions from minor infractions to misdemeanor charges and including felonies.
In order to access Texas criminal records, individuals will need to contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This agency uses a tool called the Security Identifier as a tool to provide access to offenders. This set of numbers allows for individuals to learn the location of others. However, it is also possible to conduct a search through the Texas Department of Public Safety. To do so, individuals will need to enter data into the computerized system that can help to track the individual.
The information kept with the Texas Department of Public Safety is managed through the DPS Computerized Criminal History System. It only provides the public with information about convictions or for deferred adjudication, based on what is reported by the jurisdiction.
Other sources for Texas criminal records include local law enforcement agencies. By visiting one of these agencies, individuals can request a hard copy of a person's criminal record. the agency is likely to ask why this information is required, but it is possible to gather this data for use for many reasons.
In the state of Texas, some criminal records remain protected. All juvenile records, which include all records of those under the age of 18, are sealed. In addition, the court can rule some cases to be those of a sensitive nature and therefore restrict access to them. By doing this, some information remains protected. Individuals who need Texas criminal records will need to pay a nominal fee to access them.
Texas Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    PO Box 12548
    Austin, TX 78711-2548
    p (512) 463-2100
    f (512) 463-2063
  • Criminal Records

    Crime Records Service
    PO Box 15999
    Austin, TX 78761-5999
    p (512) 424-2474
    f (512) 424-5011
  • Incarceration Records

    Bureau of Classification and Records
    PO Box 99
    Austin, TX 77342
    p (936) 295-6371
    f (936) 437-6227
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sex Offender Registration
    PO Box 4143
    Austin, TX 78765-4143
    p (512) 424-2800
    f (512) 424-5666

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