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General Information On Rhode Island Criminal Records
In Rhode Island, criminal records are available to anyone who wishes to access them. Because the state has an open records law, this allows the public to have access to most types of criminal information on that individual. The most common needs for this information include for employment background checks, contract negotiations as well as leasing information. It is not considered discrimination to not hire an individual who does have a poor criminal background. Individuals can obtain information about their own criminal record or that of others by following a few steps.
The state's Bureau of Criminal Identification, or BCI, manages and monitors a central database of information about the criminal activities occurring with the state. Rhode Island criminal records only contain information related to criminal actions, including arrests, charges, and convictions held within any of the state, county or city court systems. This information is sent by the jurisdiction in which it occurred to the state level. The Bureau of Criminal Identification is a part of the Attorney General's office.
In Rhode Island, criminal records do contain a great deal of personal information. They do not contain accessible Social Security numbers, financial data or any type of account number that could be stolen. These records do contain detailed information about a person's criminal actions, such as his or her misdemeanor or felony arrests and convictions. The information is accessible to the public through a records search. To conduct this type of records search, individuals will need to have as much information as possible about the individual, including a full, legal name, permanent resident address, Social Security number, data related to the person's physical description and/or date of birth. The more information available, the more likely the record will be accurate.
It is possible to obtain Rhode Island criminal records through several methods. The first is to contact the Public Information Division of the Bureau of Criminal Identification. It is possible to mail this agency or to visit it in person for additional information:
Bureau of Criminal Identification
Public Information Division
State House Room 38
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
It may be possible to process some requests that you seek by phone. To do so, call 401 222-2620 and follow the instructions provided to request information. The agency does allow for mail in requests, but they must contain a copy of a photo identification of the individual and a $5 fee for the search. Keep in mind that the state database does not contain information about federal charges. It is not possible for the public to access federal databases of information. A petition for this information may be conducted through the Federal Bureau of Investigation if necessary.
Rhode Island criminal records are not available for juveniles. These records remain sealed until the individual reaches 18 years of age, and then only criminal actions occurring after the age of 18 remain available to the public for searching. Most other criminal records are available online and through database searches with the state.
Rhode Island Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    150 S Main St
    Providence, RI 029032903
    p (401) 274-4400
    f (401) 222-1331
  • Criminal Records

    Bureau of Criminal Identification
    150 S Main Street
    Providence, RI 029032903
    p (401) 274-4400 x2232
    f (401) 222-1331
  • Incarceration Records

    PO Box 8249
    Cranston, RI 029202920
    p (401) 462-3900
    f (401) 462-2253
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Varley Building, 40 Howard Avenue
    Cranston, RI 029202920
    p (401) 462-0905
    f (401) 462-0916

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