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General Information On Oklahoma Criminal Records
In the state of Oklahoma, criminal records are one of the most important tools for businesses to use when considering whether to hire an individual. These records are also important for those who need information about how trustworthy a person is before entering a contract with them or leasing a place to live to them. No matter what need you may have to get these records one thing remains clear. Obtaining these records takes several steps. The state does have open records laws, which means these records are available to the general public or private organizations upon request of the information.
In the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, or OSBI, manages all criminal records. This information comes in from local county and city courts and is reported to the state. The Criminal History Division is the actual agency that is a part of the OSBI that manages the creation and maintenance of these records. This agency does not create the initial file. Rather, when a person is arrested, charged and/or convicted of a crime, a criminal file is created to document that occurrence. In Oklahoma, the city and county courts, as well as the state court system sends all documentation of such events to the state's Criminal History Division, which then compiles the records in one single database. For those that need to access this information, doing so requires using the state's database.
There are some restrictions on access to this information. An individual is able to access his or her own records through this agency. All law enforcers and agents of the court have access to these reports as well. In addition, if an employer wishes to do so, it can request that an applicant provide consent for a background check that includes a criminal history check. It is a requirement for employers to have this signed waiver providing permission or it is unlikely the records will be made available.
There are two ways to conduct an Oklahoma criminal records search. The first method is the most accurate and it requires the use of a fingerprint. The agency does provide fingerprint kits to those who need to do these outside of a law enforcement office. It is also possible to visit the following location to have this type of test done, or to make a requested based solely on the individual's name and other identifying information.
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Criminal History Division
6600 North Harvey
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
It is possible to request information about an individual over the phone as well. To do so, call 405 848-6724. It is not always possible to gather records from a name only search. In addition, there is a fee associated with any search, which ranges from $19 to $15.
Oklahoma criminal records can answer questions and provide information about a person's ability to be hired. However, not just anyone can gather these records. It is often necessary to have the individual's permission to gather this type of data.
Oklahoma Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    2300 N Lincoln, #112
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
    p (405) 521-3921
    f (405) 521-6246
  • Criminal Records

    Criminal History Reporting
    6600 N Harvey
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116
    p (405) 848-6724
    f (405) 879-2503
  • Incarceration Records

    Offender Records
    PO Box 11400
    Oklahoma City, OK 73136
    p (405) 425-2624
    f (405) 425-2608
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sex Offender Registry
    3400 Martin Luther King Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73106
    p (405) 425-2872
    f (405) 425-7070

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