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General Information On Ohio Criminal Records
In Ohio, criminal records are available for any person who commits a crime within the state. In Ohio, this information is available to the public for access. However, it can be difficult to obtain some information. Not all people have this type of record. A criminal file is not created unless and until an individual commits a crime. The file is initiated when the individual is initially arrested. It will then follow them throughout their life. The state does gather this type of information in several ways.
In Ohio, the Attorney General's office manages and overseas the collection of this information. However, each individual city and county law enforcement office is required to gather information to compile these files. The information is then gathered from the various jurisdictions and it is then reported to the state. The official agency that manages the records is the Ohio Department of Public Safety's agency, the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services.
In the state, it is important to turn to local offices whenever possible to gather information regarding Ohio criminal records. Not one specific office offers criminal background checks. Rather, for all background checks that will include criminal checks, it is necessary to use the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation Division's Internet-based database to search for information.
This system allows for both fingerprint and name searches, as well as searches based on other information. It stores a wide range of information on each individual entered into the system. To access this system, it is possible to do so through online sources, or through local records. It is possible to visit local law enforcement offices and to request information in that way. It is also possible to contact the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation at the following address for more information.
Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
30 East Broad Street, 17th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Some information can be provided over the phone. Call the agency at 800 282-0515 for additional information regarding this type of search. There is a fee for all fingerprint scans, when the scan is done at the location. This fee of $22 is an administrative fee. It is possible for employers to gather information on prospective employees using this system. However, the individual must first sign a waiver that gives the employer permission to conduct this type of background check.
Otherwise, information is given only based on need. It is not possible for just anyone in the state to request information about an individual through a public records search. Rather, law enforcement officers and other approved individuals do this. In addition, in the state of Ohio, criminal records for anyone under the age of 18 remain off limits. The only way to access this information is to do so by a court order. For those who need to get criminal records about themselves, the above listed agency can provide that information to you? If there are errors on any report, individuals must file a complaint with the jurisdiction that added the information to the file.
Ohio Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    State Office Tower 30 E Broad St, 17th Floor
    Columbus, OH 43215-3428
    p (614) 466-4320
    f (614) 644-6135
  • Criminal Records

    Civilian Background Section PO Box 365
    London, OH 43140
    p (740) 845-2000
    f (740) 845-2633
  • Incarceration Records

    Bureau of Records Management 978 Freeway Drive, N
    Columbus, OH 43229
    p (614) 752-1076
    f (614) 752-1086
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sexual Offender Registry PO Box 365
    London, OH 43140
    p (866) 406-4534
    f (740) 845-2021

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