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General Information On New Jersey Criminal Records
In the state of New Jersey, criminal records are maintained as a way of helping law enforcement to know what actions individuals have taken in the past of an illegal nature. These records are created at the time of an individual's arrest. The information contained in them is detailed, often including details about a person's criminal actions, the charges filed, the level of charge and the outcome of the conviction. The type of sentencing as well as any other important information is contained here. A criminal record like this follows the individual through life for any actions committed within the state.
Gathering information from New Jersey criminal records can prove to be difficult in some situations. However, since the state is an open records state, this means that most criminal records are available to the general public or private businesses for gathering and use. However, it is possible individuals will need to show reason for gathering this information. Moreover, in some cases, a waiver is necessary. For example, if an employer wishes to conduct a full background check on an individual, the employer must request that the prospective employee sign a waiver providing permission for this. This information is then submitted to the reporting agency.
In the state of New Jersey, the State Bureau of Identification manages and overseas access to the database containing criminal records. This is a division of the New Jersey State Policy Department, or NJSP. The agency receives these records from a local level, usually a city or county office or local law enforcement agency. It is then gathered, coded and processed at the state level. Any agency within the state authorized to access this information (including law enforcement) can use the computerized system to gather it.
For individuals who wish to access New Jersey criminal records, the first step in the process is to contact the proper agency. To do so, write to or visit the following agency.
New Jersey State Police
New Jersey State Police Headquarters
West Trenton, New Jersey 08628
It is also possible to call this agency to gather additional information. Keep in mind that accessing these records is not easy to do in some situations. In some cases, the only authorized access comes from the individual him or herself and this type of search must be done in person using a live scan of a fingerprint.
There are limitations in place for accessing some New Jersey criminal records. For example, all records are off limits for those who are convicted or are charged with a crime as a minor. In addition, the state agencies do not have any information from federal convictions or arrests. This is maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and remains off limits to the public or to businesses.
For those who wish to gather New Jersey criminal records for themselves, it is possible to do so through the listed information above or by visiting a local law enforcement agency. If inaccuracies are found, the reporting agency can correct them in most cases.
New Jersey Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    Law & Public Safety Department
    PO Box 080, 25 Market St
    Trenton, NJ 08625-0080
    p (609) 292-8740
    f (609) 292-3508
  • Criminal Records

    Records and Identification Section
    PO Box 7068
    West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068
    p (609) 882-2000 x2991
    f (609) 530-5780
  • Incarceration Records

    PO Box 7450
    Trenton, NJ 086288628
    p (609) 777-5753
    f (609) 777-8369
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sexual Offender Registry
    PO Box 7068
    West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068
    p (609) 882-2000 x2886
    f (609) 538-0544

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