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General Information On New Hampshire Criminal Records
In New Hampshire, criminal records can provide a great deal of information about a person's criminal background. The only time this type of record is given is when an individual commits a crime and is arrested for it. The official record is maintained by the state and it contains virtually all activity related to that person's criminal actions. However, it is very important for individuals to consider how to obtain these records and what they actually contain. This does vary depending on who is requesting the information.
In New Hampshire, criminal records are not generally available to the public. While some information may be provided to the public through a records request, the main reason for the establishment of these records is for law enforcement and court records. However, some instances in which the laws of New Hampshire allow these records to become accessible occur. In the state, the local and state law enforcement officials and other officers of the court have access to criminal records without limitations.
Individuals can also access these records for themselves. It is a good idea to gather information from the files available to ensure the information contained within them is accurate. It is possible to get this information from a simple records request. The second opportunity for the access of these records is when the individual gives consent. The most common reason for this is a request related to employment. If an employer wishes to conduct a full background check on an individual including the criminal background, the employer must have the potential employee sign a waiver giving the employer permission to obtain these documents. Without proper consent, it is not possible for a third party to gain an individual's criminal records without a court order requiring it.
In the state of New Hampshire, criminal records are kept with the Department of Safety. This agency works with local, county and state law enforcement and courts to create and maintain the criminal files in a centralized and computerized database. Individuals who have the ability to access these records (either for themselves or with consent of the individual) can do so through the following address. Write or visit this location in person.
New Hampshire Department of Safety
Division of State Police
Central Repository for Criminal Records
10 Hazen Drive
Concord, New Hampshire 03305
It will be possible to gain these records by entering into any law enforcement office and requesting them as well. For waivers or fingerprinting kits, or for more information related to the process, individuals can call 603 271-2538 for additional information.
The access to New Hampshire criminal records is not open to anyone, but there is information available to those who request their own record. The information contained on these reports includes details of any arrest, conviction, the level of charge and the conclusion of the incident, such as the punishment and outcome of a trial. Criminal records do not contain financial data about an individual. The most accurate forms are connected to fingerprints and other forms cannot be guaranteed to be accurate.
New Hampshire Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    33 Capitol St
    Concord, NH 03301-6397
    p (603) 271-3658
    f (603) 271-2110
  • Criminal Records

    Criminal Records, James H. Hayes Bldg
    33 Hazen Dr
    Concord, NH 033053305
    p (603) 271-2538
    f (603) 271-2339
  • Incarceration Records

    Offender Records Office
    PO Box 14
    Concord, NH 033023302
    p (603) 271-1825
    f (603) 271-1867
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Special Investigations Unit-SOR
    James H. Hayes Bldg, 33 Hazen Dr
    Concord, NH 033053305
    p (603) 271-6344

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