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General Information On Montana Criminal Records
In the state of Montana, criminal records can be vitally important in various instances. The use of criminal records is common in various instances, including for background checks for prospective employees or business patterns. Individuals who would like to gather these records can do so throughout the state. Montana does have an open records law, which means that most information contained in the state's databases regarding the criminal activities of individuals is available to be searched and gathered by the public. However, doing so requires several steps.
It is possible to get access to most Montana criminal records. To do so, individuals can turn to local law enforcement offices and county clerk's offices. Much of the information contained at the local level is the same as that on file with the state. However, statewide searches can be more thorough and easier to obtain. In Montana, the Division of Criminal Investigation of Montana gathers this information. This agency gathers and processes all income data related to the criminal actions of individuals occurring only in the state of Montana or from outside sources. The laws for gathering some records do vary based on the county.
In order for individuals to obtain Montana criminal records, the first step is to gather as much information as possible about the individual. This should include a full, legal name, any aliases, data of birth and Social Security number if possible. The state notes that fingerprint scans are the most accurate and that it cannot guarantee that information on file under a specific name is accurate to that individual you are searching for. However, the agency does allow individuals to make a request using a name search by mailing or visiting the following location:
Division of Criminal Investigation
2225 11th Avenue
PO Box 200151
Helena, Montana 59620
It is possible to make a request for this information over the phone as well, though some limitations may apply. Call 406 444-3874 for additional information. There is a processing feel of $10 per name charged for any database search. This includes any doing through the computerized system available through some agencies online.
It is also important to note that in some cases, it is necessary for the requestor to obtain a written waiver that states that the individual consents to allowing the requestor to get this information. For example, if an employer wishes to conduct a background exam of an individual before hiring that person, the employer must have the prospective employee sign a waiver giving the employer the right to pull this type of report.
There are still other limitations on accessing Montana criminal records, though. The state does not allow the public to have access to the records of any individual under the age of 18 without a court order to do so. It also does not provide access to any federal or other state information regarding the criminal activities of individuals. Gathering these criminal records can also be subject to limitations based on the reason for accessing the information.
Montana Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    PO Box 201401
    Helena, MT 59620-1401
    p (406) 444-2026
    f (406) 444-3549
  • Criminal Records

    Criminal Records
    PO Box 201403
    Helena, MT 59620-1403
    p (406) 444-3625
    f (406) 444-0689
  • Incarceration Records

    Directors Office
    PO Box 201301
    Helena, MT 59620-1301
    p (406) 444-3930
    f (406) 444-4920
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    Sexual and Violent Offender Registry
    PO Box 201417
    Helena, MT 59620-1417
    p (406) 444-2497
    f (406) 444-2759

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