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General Information On Michigan Criminal Records
Michigan criminal records are available to the public. Records searches are conducted in various ways throughout the state. Not everyone will have a file through the local police or other agencies. Rather, a criminal record is started when an individual is initially arrested. When this occurs, the local county, city or other jurisdiction filing the charges against the individual will file the initial criminal record. These records are then sent to the state for management and to organize all individual files into one. The information contained in these records is mostly accurate, but inaccuracies are possible.
Because Michigan is an open records state, this means that any citizen of the state is able to request a copy of a criminal record. Though there are some restrictions in place, specifically for juveniles, most other records are available. Juvenile records are sealed through a person’s life, unless a court orders those records to be made available to the public. It is rare for that to occur. These records also are limited in cases in which a judge seals the record. In most other situations, the public or a private organization can request a criminal record of an individual. This can be done through a name search or through a search of a fingerprint.
The Michigan Criminal Justice Information Center is given the task of gathering information from various local jurisdictions and adding that information to the files for the state. This central repository is one of the most common resources for all criminal records and documentation in the state. This agency works with the Michigan State Police to manage these records. Keep in mind, though, that local law enforcement agencies as well as most courts do have access to the records and individuals can request that information at that level as well.
Individuals who wish to obtain Michigan criminal records can do so by requesting it through the Michigan Department of State Police. If you wish to request a copy of your own record, this information is available. It is also possible for individuals to gather records on others. This is done through a third party search and that information is limited. The only information contained on third party records is charges that led to convictions. The state limits this information for the protection of the individual. Employers who wish to screen potential employees for jobs can get a signed waiver from the agency. By doing that, a full records search is possible.
To gather this information, contact the agency at the following address:
Michigan Department of State Police
Central Records Division
General Office Building
7150 Harris Drive
Lansing, Michigan 48913
The state does not provide any records that contain data from other states. These records also do not contain any information from federal agencies. That information remains protected by the federal government and not general public access is permitted. Juvenile records and specially sealed records will also be off limits to the public in a records search conducted through any agency.
Michigan Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    PO Box 30212
    Lansing, MI 48909
    p (517) 373-1110
    f (517) 373-3042
  • Criminal Records

    Criminal Justice Information Center
    7150 Harris Dr
    Lansing, MI 48913
    p (517) 322-1956
    f (517) 322-0635
  • Incarceration Records

    Central Records Office
    PO Box 30003
    Lansing, MI 48909
    p (517) 373-3651
    f (517) 373-2558
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    SOR Section
    7150 Harris Dr
    Lansing, MI 48913
    p (517) 322-4938
    f (517) 322-4957

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