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General Information On Iowa Criminal Records
In Iowa, criminal records can contain a wide range of data on a person and his or her criminal activities. The state keeps a file on each individual based on his or her actions. It includes all arrests, charges and convictions recorded in the state by the state's local law enforcement and courts, including city, township and county records. This documentation is meant to provide the courts and law enforcement with a record of the individual's illegal activities, but it is useful for a wide range of reasons. However, the state does not have completely open records. This can limit some access.
The state does limit who can access information. Generally, all law enforcement officers and officers of the courts are able to gather all criminal records for use whenever there is a need. Individuals and his or her attorney can also access criminal records. However, there are restrictions on third party records searches

. If a third party (which is anyone but the courts, law enforcement or the individual) wishes to gather this information, that party must have a waiver signed by the individual. The most common event for this to happen is when an individual applies for a job, school, lease or other business arrangement. The third party must have a waiver indicating that the individual provides permission to have his or her records gathered.
In the state of Iowa, the Iowa Department of Corrections Services maintains criminal records. The Iowa Sex Offender Division and the local police and sheriff’s departments also keep records as well. Any of these agencies can provide access to the necessary information. For those who wish to gather information on themselves, it is possible to request a record search through a name search or a fingerprint search. This is done through the following agency.
Iowa Department of Corrections
215 East 7th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
To gather more information or to request a fingerprint kit, it is possible to call the agency at 515 725-6066. There is a fee of $15 for each name search conducted. There are some limitations on who can access this information as well. For example, the records of those who are under the age of 18 are considered sealed in the state of Iowa. It is not possible to access those documents unless an individual gets a court order to do so. That is rarely approved, though. In addition, the only information included in these records is that which occurs within the state of Iowa. It is not common to find information from other states or for federal cases.
Keeping this in mind, individuals will need to request information about only those individuals where they have permission to do so. It is a good idea to request a copy of an Iowa criminal record about yourself. This is commonly a good idea for those who have had any type of illegal activity in the past or believe there could be an error. Report any errors to the jurisdiction that made the notation on the criminal record.
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