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General Information On Illinois Criminal Records
In Illinois, criminal records are one-resource businesses and individuals may wish to use to verify the past of an individual. There are numerous resources for accessing these records. The state does allow most criminal records to be accessible to the public. However, there are some instances in which a written waiver or consent is required to access information. The most important thing for individuals to know is that when accessing these records, it may be necessary to state why it is necessary. This helps to ensure that individuals are not just gathering information on just anyone but that they have a valid reason for using the information.
There are two agencies in Illinois that maintain databases for Illinois criminal records. The State Police Bureau of Identification is one of them. The second is the Illinois Department of Corrections. Both options are good resources to use when seeking out criminal records of an individual, but to do so, individuals will need to access the information from the proper source. The state recommends using the Illinois Department of Corrections database for access to this information. To do so, individuals will need to use the full name of the individual, the records ID number or the birth date of the individual to do a search. This database search online can provide excellent information.
For those who need access to the Illinois Department of Corrections information, it is accessible by calling the following number: 217 558-2200. Both private organizations (including businesses) as well as the public can access criminal records through this phone number.
A second option for gathering Illinois criminal records is through the following address. There is a nominal fee associated with obtaining this information, which is currently $20. The State Police Department maintains these records through a fingerprint analysis. However, the information may be available through a database search as well.
Illinois State Police
Department of Identification
260 North Chicago Street
Joliet, Illinois
It is possible to visit this location in person during normal business hours or to call 815 740-5216 for additional information. However, this type of records search can take some time. If individuals cannot find the necessary information through the Department of Corrections database, the Department of Identification can provide a more thorough resource and should be checked.
While the use of Illinois criminal records is widely available for the public, not all records are this accessible. In situations where the record is sealed, such as in the case of juveniles and for restricted information, the records will not be a part of this database. A database is not always present, either. If there are no charges or convictions of crimes, an individual is unlikely to have a physical or a database file to access.
Gathering Illinois criminal records can be a long process if the information about the person's identity is not available. Nevertheless, this type of search can provide details about a person's life and his or her criminal actions. Individuals will need to gather this information through various searches.
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