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General Information On Georgia Criminal Records
In Georgia, criminal records contain important information about a person's identity as well as the various charges and convictions he or she has faced throughout their lifetime. This information will be detailed and may contain sensitive information. The criminal history of an individual does provide as much information as possible about a person, including identifying features, full legal names, nicknames, Social Security numbers, weight, height and other details.

The information is also likely to contain information about the individual’s arrests, charges and convictions, as well as any instance in which the charges were dropped or the individual was found innocent. Any instance in which a legal inquiry is done is recorded.
The gathering of this information is meant for law enforcement. However, some of the information in these files is available to the public. For example, should an individual apply for a job, employers do have the right, in Georgia, to perform a background check on that individual, which is likely to include information about his or her criminal background.
For those who need a copy of a Georgia criminal record, one of the first places to go is to the county sheriff’s office. Counties and local law enforcement officers often have the ability to provide access more readily than larger state organizations. However, there are limitations here. The laws within the state require that those who wish to view or otherwise access information contained on these files must have a reason for doing so. There is no permission required from the individual in most cases, though. To obtain this information, individuals can contact the following resources:
Open Records Unit
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
3121 Panthersville Road
Decatur, Georgia 30034
There is usually an administrative fee required to be paid at the time of the request. In addition to this $20 fee, individuals are also likely to need to provide as many details as possible about the individual including his o her name, date of birth, Social Security number, race and sex. The more information available, the more likely the proper record can be found, especially in older situations.
Another resource for gathering information on an individual is the Georgia Crime Information Center. It contains most types of criminal records and does require the same administrative fee and information provided to get access. To obtain this information, contact the facility at 404 244-2639 or it is possible to fax a request to the agency at 404 270-8417. Some information may be available through an online search of a database at the website of this agency.
Keep in mind that while Georgia criminal records are available to the public, they are not always searchable through a database. This is very true for older records dating back prior to the 1980's when computerized files became normal throughout the industry in the state. However, individuals who would like to verify their own information, or that of another person should do so using the resources listed above. In most cases, the information needed about people who are alive is obtainable.
Georgia Criminal Records
  • Attorney General

    40 Capitol Square SW
    Atlanta, GA 30334-1300
    p (404) 656-3300
    f (404) 651-9325
  • Criminal Records

    Attn: GCIC
    PO Box 370748
    Decatur, GA 30037-0748
    p (404) 244-2639
    f (404) 270-8529
  • Incarceration Records

    Inmate Records Office - 6th Fl, East Tower
    2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S.E.
    Atlanta, GA 30334-4900
    p (404) 656-4569
    f (404) 463-6232
  • Sexual Offender Registry

    GCIC - Sexual Offender Registry
    PO Box 370808
    Decatur, GA 30037
    p (404) 244-2600
    f (404) 270-8452

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